Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BRIGID: Turning Point

Hello Dear Friends and Soul Family,

Are we there yet?

That seems to be the question asked by many people I know who have been feeling the intensity of the energies that the first half of 2012 offered up. Celestial events and solar flares have been coming at us at an unprecedented rate. May’s annular eclipse was said to be a once in 26,000 year happening so it is obvious that we are living in amazing times.

So many I know who have persevered on this journey have wondered what the culmination of it will be. How will things look? What will be different? Will anything be the same? I’ve certainly wondered myself what life will be like once the dust settles on all the changes that have been initiated by this incredible awakening taking place on the planet.

Change has come about in my own life in some pretty drastic and dramatic ways during the course of this journey and I have become rather adept at navigating the raging flood waters of it as I continue to attempt to go with the flow and keep my balance on the ever shifting sands that have often had me feeling like there is nothing solid left to stand on. I’ve had ideas of what I would like to create and the direction I would like to see my life go in, but quite frankly I have been so flattened during the last 5 years of full on “ascension” and all its side effects that more times than not I simply had to surrender to the process and allow that I didn’t have the energy to do much more than a good imitation of the proverbial couch potato.

That is changing in my own experience now, and I am aware that if it is changing for me it is changing for others as well…or will be in the not too distant future. I’m not feeling as slammed and flattened anymore when we do have an influx of energies, and while I still can quite easily find myself sliding through and accessing other dimensions beyond the 3D one of the world around me, it no longer seems to interfere with my ability to function in quite the same way that it did previously. In short, I realize that the times they are a’changing once again and this time in a way that fills me with excitement about what is to come. In my personal world, I have had the sense that the time period that included the annular eclipse, lunar eclipse, Venus Transit and June Solstice were akin to the Grand Finale in a spectacular fireworks display, and somehow the energies released with this Grand Finale acted as a kind of gelling agent for all the changes I have gone through and put into effect in my reality over the years of the ascension journey. I felt a real sense of completion after the Solstice that I still can’t put into words in a way that feels adequate. I know there is much more still to come, for all of us, yet I feel as if I’ve emerged into a new world and onto a new playing field in my own life.

I feel ready now to act on some of the creative ideas I’ve had that have lain dormant for so long because of my previous lack of energy to be able to infuse them with life and therefore bring them into manifestation. I do feel that I have reached a Turning Point, as Brigid mentions in this message. I no longer feel the need to wait for anything else to happen before diving into new creating in my own reality. I can tell that the time is now and I’m ready to get started. Brigid says that the new Golden Era starts when each of us chooses to create it as our personal reality. I have made the choice and am ready to begin this magical new creating. I hope you’ll join me.

With love and blessings to All,

~ ~ ~ Sunday July 15, 2012

Brigid: Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones! And Good Morning on this beautiful Sunday in the middle of your month of July, summer here in this northern hemisphere, winter on the other side of the world. It is a beautiful day wherever you are, whatever the weather might be, whatever the temperature might be, for indeed you are receiving an enormous gift of love all over this planet that is being showered on you through the benevolence of this Great Central Sun that is the power that fuels your particular universe.

I come in today to speak to you of where you are on your journey…ahh, this journey that has lasted for so long for so many of you, that has been so much harder than you ever imagined it might be, that has gone on for so much longer than you ever hoped that it would. I am here to tell you that you are indeed approaching the turning point of your journey. And yet it may not be the turning point in the way that you have anticipated or even expected. You have come so far from the human reality that once was your entire world and universe, you who have been awakening and opening your consciousness to ever greater and greater expansion. This expansion will continue for this indeed is what the ascension journey is all about. And as you expand your consciousness to greater and greater levels of knowing and understanding, your human biology cannot help but to continue to expand in evolution as a result as well.

So many of you have been anticipating swift and major change to come as you manifest this turning point, and yet I will say as I have said before, it is not like the flipping of a switch. It is more like the knowing that you have come further on your journey than you have left still to go, and I speak once again of consciousness. All of the changes that you desire to see manifest in your divine human reality are on their way. You are past the point of no return on this planet. This planet will not be self destructing. There is too high a frequency that has been attained. We have referenced before your hundredth monkey syndrome, your saturation level. There will still be challenges on planet Earth. There are still human struggles that have not reached a place of peaceful resolution because the consciousness of those who struggle has not expanded at the same rate as those of you who are creating this…what we have called the New Golden Era. Some of you have been wondering what this New Golden Era means and what it is about. I come in today to tell you that it is indeed an era of consciousness. It is an era in which each of you can create the reality of your own choosing and your own dreams and have the ability to manifest what you desire by opening to the divine power that flows through you, that lives and resides within you, for each of you is a spark, a particle, a part of the God Source and you each contain this Source within every cell of your being. Indeed, all cells of your being are alive and well in this particular dimensional reality because of the God Source that they contain.

Whenever there is an aberration in your human biology, whenever there is dis-ease and dysfunction on any cellular level, it is because you are not allowing your God Source to radiate and emanate through this particular particle of your biology. To clear your human biology of dis-ease and dysfunction, all that is required is to completely reconnect to the God Source energy contained within those cells and to clear away whatever is blocking the flow of this God Source energy. It is far easier than you think. Your human science and medicine has come such a long way over your eons of time in treating human disease and human dysfunction of biology, and yet the treatment will never be as easy as resolving these challenges in the physical at their source, and once again their source is simply not allowing your own connection to God Source to flow through you. This will be shifting in upcoming days, months, years and generations. This is what I do speak to you of today, that there is no magic wand. It is a time release evolution that you are going through. Those of you who have volunteered and been chosen to go first have long hoped that it would work as the flip of a switch or the wave of a wand once you reached a certain point, but as I have said to you on several occasions and numerous others of your nonphysical friends have as well, you yourself are the magic wand. You yourself are the switch and you must turn your own switch on in order to manifest the reality that you have long dreamed about and that has been the purpose for your existence on the planet at this particular time of great change and great power.

Now, do not be discouraged by my words of saying that it is not merely the flick of a switch or the wave of a wand that will bring about the reality that you desire. Instead be encouraged when you know that all of the power to create this lies within you yourself. And I will say that in this awakening that is taking place upon the planet in the now and that has been building such grand momentum, I will say that in your coming together with others of like mind and heart and spirit who desire the same evolution for the planet that you do, and for personal lives as well, it is in this coming together with each other in whatever ways feel most appropriate to your unique individual spirit and soul, it is in this coming together that you seed the reality that will be created across the board for the rest of the planet in time and in generations to come.

So now you move forward from this midway point in your year of 2012. You have experienced so much in this year. You have absorbed so many energies. You have marked so many powerful celestial events. You have been changed by the energy of each of these events as you have absorbed their energies, and you are no longer the same person that you were at the beginning of this year. Indeed you are no longer the same person that you were at the beginning of this summer here in the north and winter in the south when your Solstice marked the turning of the wheel of the year. This continues, and it is appropriate and it is how it shall be for a long time to come, for this is what life on planet Earth is evolving into. Every moment is precious. Embrace it. Breathe it in. Do not waste it.

Your power always resides in your present now moment. You have the ability to change the past by where you stand in your present and in your now. And you have limitless creative power to bring forth and create the future of your dreams. Now there are many of you whose greatest desire has been to change the future of this entire planet. There are many of you who are here as Lightworkers and as evolving leading edge souls in this shift of consciousness who desire to see peace on Earth, who desire to see Unity consciousness, who desire to see a return to the Law of One…a return to the days when what serves One serves All, what serves All serves One. This will come, though it will not be immediate. What I come in today to tell you is you will bring this about in the most direct and swiftest fashion by first focusing on your own life and your own experience. So many of you to whom I speak in this now moment, you who are the Lightbringers, the Lightworkers, the Lighthouses, your lives in many ways have been selfless because you came here knowing that you were here to give to All That Is, to humanity, to this Earth, to your Universe. You came in service. This is so deeply honored and so greatly appreciated. Yet your turning point that I speak to you of in this now moment is coming to the understanding that you serve the whole in the best possible way from now on forward by creating for yourself the life that you choose and that you desire. As you create the new Golden Era in your own life, in your own experience, the trickle down effect to those around you will be powerful. This is how you will continue to impact the planet and humanity and All That Is, from this point forward.

So many of you have struggled with lack of abundance. So many of you have struggled with your own powers of manifestation for I am quite aware that many of you have been caught in those…oh, what are called Catch-22s…as far as knowing you are here to be of service and therefore putting what you thought were the best interests of all around you above and beyond the best interests of Self. It is time now to shift into a new gear where you understand that when you come from a place of purity, from a place of love, from a place of compassion, and from a place of high vibration and frequency and put your own personal Self in the center of your own creating, this is what will have the greatest impact on everything around you. You must find the peace on Earth that you desire to manifest in the world around you in yourself first. You must come to peace with all the relationships in your lives, no matter how dysfunctional the others who connect to you might still be. Love them through it, but in a healthy way, in a way that takes care of your own personal energy field first and foremost. The time for allowing your energy to be drained and bled from you by others is long gone. The time for martyrdom and sacrifice is over. This truly was the message of the Christ and the Christ consciousness, but it has been adulterated through history on your planet as a means of manipulation and control. I will not and do not choose to go into your…oh what have been termed conspiracy theories. I will say that there is much reality, much truth to a lot of what has come to light and come to the surface in these last years. Things are not always as they appear or as they have been presented to you. And yet you do not need to get lost in any conspiracy theories and you do not need to get lost in any of the realities that are affecting many on the planet because they choose to allow them to. You are the sole power and the sole creative force in your own universe, your own world and your own manifested experience.

This gift from the sun that is barreling into you as we speak, affecting much on your planet in the way of its geomagnetic force, is affecting much in your biology and energy fields because of your own receptive cells awakening and welcoming this energy into your aura, into your melded human biology and divine many layered multidimensional soul Self. It has been said that your solar activity is going to continue, it is going to amp up and continue to accelerate. You have not reached the peak of it yet. And so it will continue to be quite the interesting ride for a while to come for those of you who are here in human form. Yet I will say that those of you who have so steadfastly stayed the course of your journey, who have continued to remain here on planet Earth in spite of the many challenges and obstacles to an easy life in your human experience, you are about to reap the rewards of this. For as you stop pushing against the energies that are flowing in to you to assist you in your awakening and your evolution, you will find that the experience of these solar flares affects you on a personal level and affects your personal human biology less and less because you do become a much more resonant energetic frequency with what is coming in to assist you in your further tweaking and fine tuning of your own vibrational upgrading.

So my message today, as it generally is, is one of joy. I am Brigid, the Divine Feminine Goddess energy that very much exudes the energy of joy, and this is the message that I put across to you. It is time to embrace the joy in your lives in a way that you never have before. So many of you have been challenged to truly feel the joy because of your personal physical human circumstances. You have expected that they would be different, and look different, and feel different than they do at this point on your journey. And yet my message of encouragement to you is that as we are in this place throughout All That Is of this turning point on planet Earth, YOU have the power to change your circumstances. YOU have the power to utilize the energies around you and re-create your lives in a new way that you have never done before. It has been said to you over and over again, you are creating the new. This is not a rehashed and better version of what you knew in your old life. This is you taking the initiative of all that you have become on this journey as you have allowed your divinity to embrace your humanness and your biology. It is you now allowing your divinity to flow into your human experience in a way that you never have before.

And so you might find that the beginning of your own new Golden Era does indeed look like better manifesting on the human level. But that means that things will manifest in your life now in new ways and that you will find yourself living in a manner that you previously had not even imagined you might enjoy. It means that you do shift paradigms, or as one dear one has recently stated, bust them! You bust old paradigms wide open, and you in this way make room for the new to emerge in all new ways.

The many wildfires that have been so destructive in this area of the west of the USA in this time frame of this summer here have caused much devastation, have caused much complete loss of what was, which we would call the old. Now, once through the loss and the devastation and the destruction of the old, all that is left is the potential to create the new in new and different ways than what was there previously.

We have used the example before of Maureen’s own experience of visiting Yellowstone National Park 2 years after the devastating fires there in the early 90s and being amazed at the lushness of the new green growth that had taken hold and root in devastated land that had been burned beyond recognition from what it was previously due to those cleansing fires. This ascension journey has been like a cleansing fire in your own life and your own experience. It has been a cleansing of not just your experience and the programming of this one particular human incarnation that you are living, but the accumulated experiences of the many incarnations you have lived on planet Earth. This lifetime has been the paradigm busting lifetime for all of you in the sense that all of the old wounds, all of the old programmings, all of the old patterns that no longer serve you that you have carried lifetime after lifetime have been brought with you into this particular incarnation in order to be entirely blown up you might say, entirely destructed, for it will not serve you as you move into the creation of the new to carry the old with you. This can be challenging. This can be frightening when everything known and familiar is stripped away, and yet see the ones who are standing in the place now who have been brave enough to say I will go first and have found that in allowing complete release and stripping away of the old, they do not stand there empty handed as had been feared. Indeed they are reaping the bounty of incredible new gifts of incredible new ways of being, of incredibly joyous freedom to create in manners that have never been dreamed of or imagined before.

So do look to these ones as an example of what is possible, but know that you, and you alone, are the creator of your own personal world and reality, and it is the time for the Golden Era of mankind…of humankind. Yes, we will move beyond speaking only in the masculine. It is time for the dance of the masculine and feminine to come into a place of such joy and such delightful balance that you will wonder why you allowed it to go on for so long, this game of reaching this place and point in time where you embrace the shift, where you choose it, where you invite it in and where you indeed do manifest it.

I encourage you today dear ones, live in joy! Whatever your circumstances, whatever your reality, wherever you are in your life experience, do not dwell on what you perceive as negatives in your human reality. There is so much joy to be had in your experience. You simply may need to shift your perspective and to see with new eyes that see beyond the old paradigms, that see beyond the old realities.

As always I will encourage you to connect with this dear Mother of your planet, dear Gaia, and to connect with Nature. Connect with the sun and the moon, with the stars and the planets, with the celestial elements and energies for here is where your true origins lie. You know this and feel this and the energy that is coming to you from all of the celestial bodies is becoming stronger because of the gifts from your Great Central Sun that are opening you up to greater capacity to feel and receive these energies. They are assisting you. This is the unity consciousness that we speak of that is beyond just your unity with the rest of your human inhabitants of Earth. It is the unity and the oneness of all that exists in All That Is and there are so very many varied and unique forms of life that you are indeed one with. Celebrate this, dear ones! Celebrate this!

And celebrate first your Self, for it is from your own Self that all else emanates, at least in your own personal reality, for as I have said, every cell of your body contains that God particle, that spark of the divine. You are part of the Source of all creation, therefore you have the ability to create in your own reality in exactly the same manner that this Universe has been created by Source. Source flows through you! It is time for you to embrace this, to celebrate this, and to utilize this!

I remind you once again to keep the hearth fire in your own hearts lit and blazing brightly. Let those flames dance strongly within your own being. They will guide you on your journey. Your journey is blessed. Your journey is already a success. It is time now to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You will soon be celebrating another turning of the wheel. Lughnasa is coming up in just a few short weeks, which is the celebration of the beginning of the harvest. Be aware that this has significance for you in your own lives for it is now time for you to begin the celebration of the fruits of the harvest in your own life. It is time and it is here.

You are so very dearly loved, my beloved friends. And with that I will bid you aloha and Cead Mile Failte. And so it is. ~ ~ ~

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