Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Greetings my fellow travelers on the journey of life! Since last I shared with you, we have completed the tumultuous year of 2012 and embarked on our all new era and all new year of 2013. What a ride! I’m sure every one of us has plenty of stories of our own unique experiences and “growth opportunities” that the much hyped year of 2012 offered up to us. Personally I was extremely happy when the calendar shifted us into 2013, and while January was still a bit of a bumpy ride, it did begin to smooth out towards the end of it and February was welcomed with open arms and a far more upbeat feeling state than has been the norm for quite a while.

These last few years I’ve let go to immersing myself in my own experience of the journey of awakening consciousness, and so while my communication with the nonphysical friends who visit me has continued, I haven’t felt drawn to do much sharing publicly as so much of the content that came through was very similar to what was being shared by others and easily accessible to everyone via the internet. Like so many others, I’ve been engaged in my own exploration of Who I Am and how I can creatively express my own authenticity with joy and passion, which has required me to release any and all preconceived notions of what that is or what it might end up looking like. There has been some frustration with what seemed like nothing happening and very little forward movement occurring, and yet I have come to accept that that was simply the way of the times we were in and I know I was not alone in my feeling of being stuck in Limbo Land for far longer than was comfortable or desired.

Things began feeling different for me as I approached my last birthday. I turned 57 when my 4:44pm birth time rolled around on 12-12-12. I had long felt that I set this birth entry numerology in place for myself as a milestone marker that I wouldn’t easily be able to miss once I started waking up spiritually. All the “12” energy of those numbers had to signal a culmination of some sort and indeed I feel as if I’ve reached a turning point in my own experience that my natal chart astrologically set the blueprint for. I am ready to embrace the new in my own life now in a way that I recognize the energy alignments were simply not there to support prior to this rather auspicious birthday. We have all just passed some incredible markers as a collective and the alignments that have come about as a result of this are ready to support everyone who has chosen to walk the way of the new energy path.

During the birthday visit I had from several of my closest nonphysical friends, St Germain assured me that I could not miss what was coming my way in the new energy of 2013 because I had set it up for myself and therefore I didn’t need to “do” anything to set it in motion as it was already on its way to me. Allowing the natural unfolding and being receptive to it are all that’s required.

This seems easier now that 2013 is here. I feel that what St G told me personally is true for all of us and Brigid seemed to affirm this in her Imbolc message when she said that each of us has made a choice on the soul level for our new personal direction that the December alignments are now supporting.

Imbolc is the cross quarter day between December’s Solstice and March’s Equinox. It is Brigid’s feast day in the Celtic calendar and it celebrates the returning of the light to the Northern Hemisphere that is occurring as we move beyond the longest and darkest days of winter. Celtic celebrations go from sundown to sundown and so as dusk set in on Friday, February 1, with a roaring fire and candles lit on the windowsills in invitation, Brigid came in for her visit. She stayed for quite a while so the shared conversation was lengthy. All of it seemed very relevant to the now moment, but for the sake of ease of reading I am condensing parts of it and adding some words of my own for explanation. This feels appropriate to the changes that the new energy of 2013 is ushering in.

Brigid began her visit with her traditional Cead Mile Failte greeting, which means 100,000 Welcomes in Gaelic. According to her, this Imbolc of 2013 is more special than she could convey to us in words as it is the first Returning of the Light since we closed out the old 26,000 year cycle on the December Solstice, and WE are the Light that is returning as we birth the New Golden Era that we are now in the place of consciousness to truly bring forth. We are the Light because we carry the Christ Consciousness and we have stayed the often arduous course as we opened to embodying our divinity and the love that we are. She used the phrase “an exciting time” numerous times throughout her discourse, saying it was not just exciting for us here on Earth, but also for those nonphysical beings who have been watching our journey unfold and supporting and cheering us on along the way.

The changes we have long waited for are underway, and this will bring joy to some and challenge to others, but it is happening and we are past the point of no return now. Even some who have long been on the path of awakening will find that they are required to let go at even deeper levels than ever before, as some of the patterns and programmings of the old energy are subtle and insidious and they must be cleared right down to the core for one to fully engage in new energy living. But the encouragement being offered is that all who have sincerely chosen the path of awakening have made great strides forward in embracing their true nature, and conscious choice to continue will also reap grand rewards in the fullness of new energy living.

Each of us is working in communion with our souls and from the soul perspective, one can see much farther and with far greater clarity than from the human one alone. It is from the level of soul that we each have made choices for our new directions, and all we need do is stay in close communication with our inner Self in order to receive the guidance that will lead us into the wonderful and magical new futures we’ve up until now only dreamed about living. The unusual solar activity that has been occurring for quite a while now and which will continue is assisting our expansion, and while our present science may not be able to explain for quite a while exactly what is happening, eventually there will be a much greater understanding emerging of how the solar energies and the other energies active in our universe and Milky Way Galaxy are working in conjunction with our own DNA to evolve our biology. As we do this we will gradually allow in the full spectrum of Who We Are as divine beings and this will merge and meld with our human physical biology.

There is no “How To” guide that will give us clear directions as to what to do next to continue moving ourselves forward because this isn’t the way of new energy living. Brigid says that what is the way is to be in “constant intimate communication and communion with your own divine inner being and soul, and when you are in this continual place of connection you will find that the worries about what is to come will evaporate. They disappear for they are not real. What is real is your now moment, and when you are focused on your now and living in your now, you will find that everything that is required for what is next in your life with appear with ease and grace. It is more important now than ever to follow your feeling state and to be in alignment with Who You Are. You will know when you are in alignment and when you are not by how you feel.”

And while this is not new information, she says that we are going to find that much of what we have learned previously will be coming back into our awareness to be understood and acknowledged and lived at deeper and deeper levels as we move forward in our new energy lives. This means that as we create the lives we’ve been dreaming of living, we have to know and trust that what we desire is coming into manifestation for us, even when we don’t yet see outer evidence of this or know exactly how it will come about. We create our outer reality first in our energy field and we will go in the direction that we desire to go when we continue to follow our own heart and its guidance.

There is a “science” to this guidance. Kryon through Lee Carroll has explained that one of the layers of our DNA that science does not yet understand directly connects us to our divinity. It is from this connection that we get our guidance. Brigid says, “You are each here with soul purpose. Each of you has made a choice on the soul level that took the alignments of what occurred in December to fully come in to prominence in your cellular structure, in your DNA. There is interface at all times between Who You Are on the soul level and the human level that bypasses your biological brain and mental functioning. You are continually in alignment with your soul Self through the very DNA of your biological structure. You may not be aware of this on the human mental level but as you choose to go deeper into your heart space, as you choose to open your heart wider and live transparently and in integrity, you will find that you become far more aware of the subtle energetics of what is taking place in your biology. This will allow you to have greater interaction between different levels of Self. When you are in harmony with all parts of Self, including the expandedness of your soul Self and the parts of you that are present in multiple realities, you will find that not only will things align in your outer world with ease and grace, but that this is actually how your biology leads you forward. Long dormant gifts and abilities from the multiple realms and realities you have lived in will begin returning to your conscious awareness. I encourage you to tune in at a very deep level to Who You Are and the guidance and direction that you desire will make itself known to you.”

This is a time to re-examine our principles and beliefs to be sure that they are in alignment with the new energy. Brigid used the example of health and diet to make her point. Like many others, I did not make this transition from 2012 to 2013 without being challenged by an issue in my biology. My lungs have been my own particular weak spot physically, for a variety of reasons that I have come to be aware of and thought I had dealt with over the course of my journey of awakening. Just before my birthday I began having all too familiar old symptoms of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing in the easy and relaxed manner I have come to enjoy since clearing old grief issues (grief is associated with the lungs) and cleaning up my diet to remove foods that provoked allergic reactions in my body. I’ve felt good eating as a vegan with an emphasis on raw foods for quite a while now so this latest episode surprised me. I worked with a number of different modalities to release whatever residual grief might still be remaining in my energy field and though I felt successful at having done this, my symptoms continued. I did a lot of research on what might be causing them from a physical perspective and what resonated the most with me was what I read from a standpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a modality that is energy based and in which food is considered medicine. Foods are classified according to their warming, cooling and other energetic properties from the perspective of how they affect the body once consumed. I was quickly able to see that in my own system I had an excess of “yin” energy (the female/moon energy that is cool and damp) and I was deficient in “yang” energy (the male/sun energy that is warm and dry). I had embraced eating a vegan diet because it was in alignment with my own principles of not killing in order to sustain and nurture life, and because I felt inclined to eat lighter and lighter as I felt my own vibration getting lighter and lighter as I expanded in my awakening. Yet without the knowledge of how my food choices were affecting me energetically, I had inadvertently set myself up for a systemic imbalance.

I found this somewhat symbolic of the overall dynamics of what has been called the ascension journey. The journey was about bringing back the Divine Feminine after all the years of her exile and degradation. It made sense to heavily embrace the yin during that part of the journey. But now it’s time for the Divine Feminine (yin) and Divine Masculine (yang) to come back into balance with each other. My body was letting me know that I needed to do this personally as well. Many of the sources of yang energy are animal based and I had consciously chosen not to consume animal products because of my own principles and ethics and also the belief that a vegan diet was ultimately the healthiest. Now my body was very loudly declaring that I needed to change what I had been doing previously in order to bring myself back into balance. After all my research and a lot of soul searching, I added royal jelly, a bee product, to my diet and began consuming organic eggs again, both very yang in nature. I immediately saw an improvement in my breathing and since then have been doing more research and experimentation on how I can eat in a manner that both nurtures my body and is in alignment with my ethics. I’ve had to make some shifts and look at things from different perspectives than I had previously.

Brigid said the imbalance in biology is assisting in a huge transition and is an opening to the new that cannot yet be understood on the human cognitive level. She said, “There is more to take into consideration than just the nutritional values of food from a scientific perspective. You are on the right track with the energetic properties (as designated in TCM) but I wish for you and for all to know that there are energetics that you do not as yet understand that also come into play.” She pointed out the example of red wine and how some (not all!) on the ascension journey have found it quite beneficial (yours truly included) to drink it in greater quantities than they ever had before due to an energetic component in it that science has yet to identify but which smoothed out the jolt to the system that was frequently experienced on this journey. This could explain why in some ancient cultures red wine was known as the “nectar of the gods!”

As Brigid acknowledged that I was a bit challenged by feeling drawn in the direction of consuming animal products after thinking this was something I would never do again, she addressed this in this way:

“At this point in time you are tapping into something that goes beyond your previous beliefs and understandings. It is important for you to follow your inclinations for in many ways you are tapping into soul memories of what you might call past shamanic experiences that you have had in other lifetimes in which you were very conscious and spiritually connected. There are energetic dynamics and elements coming into play that you do not understand. So I would encourage you, if you feel inclined to partake of animal food at any time, do so. Honor the food. Be in gratitude of that which has offered itself to you. But do not deny it on the grounds of your own principles of previous understanding for there are energies that will be gifted to you by your following your feeling state and not denying it based on what your head thinks.” Just as with red wine, she says there are energies from animal foods, such as a juicy red steak, that will be beneficial to certain people at certain times, though not at all times. So once again one must follow one’s own inner guidance and to do so means being tuned in to that guidance through feeling state. Occasionally craving a food is a very different scenario than that of food addictions so a person must be discerning as to which is driving their desire.

Science doesn’t have all the answers and sometimes things that have no legitimate scientific explanation cannot be proved according to scientific parameters. For those who understand that as we move into realms that have not been explored before, accepting that there is more to “reality” than science can prove means accepting, not on faith, but on feeling state the experiences we have that go beyond the known and the proven. Brigid says to us, “You are the ones who must stand firm in your own knowingness that reality is not limited by what science can measure and prove. As you allow yourselves to have every experience that you create, you will find yourselves expanding out into multidimensionality. It will take science a while to catch up, but it will catch up. Eventually science and spirituality, which includes multidimensionality, will come into balance with each other. It will be through this balancing and merging that humanity will move into a new understanding of what science is and what spirituality is, and in essence they will find that they are one and the same. You are leading the way towards this and it will continue.”

Then Brigid surprised me. She said:

“I would like to segue a bit into a topic that is of interest to just about every one of you. I would like to talk about money. I would like to talk about money in the context of your human reality here on Earth.”

This was new territory in my communication with Brigid. I was excited by what she had to say, so I will conclude with this and share this part in its entirety. She continued:

“So many of you have found that while you have let go to the process of transformation that has been taking place, you have wholeheartedly released so much of the old and stepped into the uncertainty of living in the new with no firm footings. There often seems nothing to hold onto that is familiar. Those anchors of your own experience of reality that you were used to in the past are gone. For many, abundance as you call it has been a huge issue. And while so much is changing around you, there is still at this point in time the need for at least a bit of the sustenance of the energetic flow of what you call money to be present in your lives in order to continue living the human reality as it has been. What I desire to put across to those of you who have been struggling to keep your balance with this is that your human reality is indeed changing. It will not change overnight. It will not change immediately. And yet there is going to be an entirely new stream for you, a flow that breaks off from the mainstream. Think of how that word applies in your reality. Think of what mainstream means. It means the conventional way. It means the way of the masses. It means the way of 3D.

Those of you who have had the courage to allow yourselves to jump off the cliff of conventional 3D living and who have not walked the beaten paths of how one makes a living, those of you who have listened to your heart and followed it’s call, even when the money in 3D was not flowing to you, I say to you that you are the ones who have been carving a new stream bank, one that will allow an entirely new flow to soon be coming into your reality.

There is a shift coming in how you manifest abundance. Many of you, I know, have had the experience of feeling that what you needed, let alone what you desired, was simply not easily flowing into your reality once you did jump off that cliff. And yet you are still here and while your outer circumstances of living may have changed, sometimes drastically, from when you were living a conventional lifestyle, you are still walking this path of awakening. You have managed to maintain living, even if you have not lived in a way that you would consider to be 3D abundant. You have managed to meet your needs and as you have allowed yourselves to be sustained from this place of letting go of the reality around you that most of conventional society lives, THIS is what has impacted All That Is and enough of you have done this now and are continuing to do this that you are carving an entirely new channel. And so abundance is going to flow to you in entirely new ways. This will be happening gradually but it will begin happening this year. And so I would say to those of you who still feel that you are struggling to stay afloat and treading water to keep from going under, the trickle that is beginning will build momentum so that as it continues its current will continually become stronger and more powerful.

You must continue to have patience as you move forward in this. The hardest part for you will be not knowing how and when this shift will make itself manifest in your particular personal experience. But I am here today as your dear friend and one who loves you so much to say that the shift is underway, which means that this next bit of time in your experience, particularly from now until your March Equinox, is very much about feeling the reality of what is coming within yourself before you see evidence of it in your world and outer reality. Not only trusting, but knowing and feeling. You must feel it energetically within yourself. This is what will bring about this beautiful abundance of the new stream that is flowing towards you.”

A question was asked about the present condition of the global financial situation and if this new stream would affect the world’s financial institutions. Brigid replied:

“This change is underway but it is not underway for all. It is underway for those who are leading the way and for those who have had the courage to jump off the cliff. So you see there are going to continue to be different realities, very different realities being lived dependent on a person’s own choices. And so again, the time for fence sitting is over. One must choose which reality they are going to live in. And while it is human nature of course to keep a finger on the pulse of world economics and the economy of the nation one resides in, this is only one’s reality if one chooses it to be so. The world financial condition will have no impact whatsoever on those who have reached the place of understanding that their source of abundance is within.

Not all have done this. But there are many who have. As far as the mainstream and conventional wisdom, there are many who are living lives that are simply not understandable to those who have no idea of the inner resources that are available to all. And so I will say that those who have released their faith in 3D conventional wisdom and economics will be the first to embrace the abundance of the New Golden Era that is coming and this new stream that these ones have been the ones to create by their moving beyond conventional ways of being and living. So this is a shout out of encouragement to those who have often times stood in a place of not knowing how they would do what was required of them to do next on their path of expansion. It is a shout out of encouragement to those who have released their dependence on traditional means of economic well being and who have seen that somehow, often magically and miraculously, what is needed and required manifests for them. To these I say, you shall reap the benefits of this new energy abundance first. And it is rightfully you who deserve to do so.

This will catch on with others and there will be a trickledown effect. For others will see that while science and conventional institutions may not be able to preach the wisdom of this way of living, the reality will be that many will have completely cut their ties with the old ways of living, earning a living, and storing away abundance in the way of money. All of that old conventional wisdom will not matter as people begin choosing to follow their own hearts, to be happy, to know that as part of that which has been called God they are their own source of abundance. And as this happens, many, many will begin to live more abundantly than they ever would have or could have while they were tied into the 3D ways of conventional living.

Many who have had difficulty fitting into mainstream society and its ways, like those square pegs trying to fit into round holes, will greatly benefit from this coming change. Many of these are the young ones who have never fit in or accepted the 3D ways. It has been extremely challenging for those young ones who came in bridging both realities. They were more of the new and the new had not yet truly kicked in. And so there will be much transitioning as this change begins to come about. It will get easier for their soul-connected free-flowing unconventional natures to find their niches and to be able to express who they are in a way that is supported by the world around them rather than negated as it so often has been and this will be a joy to behold.

The time of the old ways is coming to an end and there will be some kicking and screaming by those who have made this their reality and do not desire to see it change. Certainly the abundantly wealthy of the 3D world will not immediately be losing all of their wealth, and yet the old ways of sustaining and expanding that wealth will be coming to an end. There is a new world and a new reality being born and the ways of the old will not be supported in it. Those who have clung to those old ways of being in the world will find themselves in for a bit of a rude awakening if they refuse to make the changes that are required. Things are indeed changing and this is what you have brought about. This is why you are here. You are the Changemakers. You have done well. You have done very well.

There is so much movement about to happen. The undercurrent is beginning to swell and will be bursting forth much in the way that Spring bursts forth into full and glorious bloom after a long and dreary Winter. This will be a very special Spring in your lives as it is the first in the new era you are embarking upon. You are beginning anew. It is so beautiful to observe. There is so much light shining upon this planet now and that will continue to grow. The light will get brighter and brighter. This will be an amazing Spring in the lives of those of you who have walked this path and this journey and who have steadfastly stayed the course. There is so much more to come! You are do dearly, dearly loved!

Welcome to the New Golden Era!”



Martina H. said...

Found your post on lightworkers and enjoyed the encouragement. Tears flowing... relief.
Wishing you a wonderful time,

Maureen said...

So glad the message touched you Martina! We can all use encouragement, that's for sure. I do feel the road is going to be smoothing out and there IS relief in that! Thanks for connecting!