Monday, February 25, 2013


Greetings once again fellow travelers on this incredible journey we are sharing being alive on Planet Earth at this time! How are you doing navigating the new waters of 2013 now that we are bringing the second month of it to an end? Are you acclimating to life after the big shifts of December 2012? While I personally felt that 2013 got off to a bit of a bumpy start, I am happy to say that I have felt things easing up and smoothing out as February has unfolded. The energy does feel different. I feel different too, and in a way that is satisfying and extremely enjoyable. I am liking 2013 so far!

Life is getting busier as we are getting into the groove of our new energy living. During February I had the opportunity for several visits with nonphysical friends after a long lull in this kind of communication. On 2-6-13 The Green Man and Merlin dropped in for a conversation, and on 2-22-13 Brigid returned, this time in the company of St. Germain. The overall tone of all that came through was one of excitement for the new place we have brought ourselves to through our journey of consciousness expansion.

I received positive feedback on my new style of sharing Brigid’s Imbolc message, and so I am choosing to continue in this vein, offering the substance rather than complete word for word transcriptions of our etheric friends’ messages along with my own related experiences and perspectives. Just as we came to realize on our journey that “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for,” what is being affirmed now is that this is the time we’ve been waiting for. It’s no longer a far off thing on the distant horizon but is right here now and the potentials contained within it are limitless. It is time to make manifest our dreams.

One of my own personal dreams has begun to take shape and form in my reality since my last sharing. Earlier in my life I had distanced myself and pretty much disconnected from my Irish heritage as I “blamed” it for the dysfunction that seemed to cause so much of the pain and loss I experienced in my younger days. That changed after my own healing and taking responsibility for myself was well underway when I was invited, due to my obviously Irish name, to speak at a metaphysical gathering in the mid ‘90s that was being held over St Patrick’s Day weekend. I was happy for the invitation but a bit chagrined that the content of my talk would need to revolve around what March 17th represented. I didn’t want to talk about green beer (no offense Green Man!) and how good ole St Paddy drove the snakes out of the Emerald Isle. So I threw myself into researching alternatives to this and was awed and mesmerized when I began reading about ancient Celtic “Wild Goose” spirituality. The beauty of it touched my heart and soul and not only had I found the inspiration for my talk (for which I received a standing ovation!) but a new passion was born in me for the place that now energetically felt like the Home I had been missing all of my life.

As it turned out, the snakes that St P had given the boot were actually the Druids who were eradicated by the arrival of the Catholic Church. My own fascination with Irish history and lore has taken me back to pre-Christian times. Recently I was introduced to some theories that Ireland may have originally been part of Atlantis and the cradle of civilization according to Michael Tsarion. Many Irish myths and legends, such as that of Tír na nÓg, “Land of the Young,” seem to correlate.

With my newfound love for the pure essence of Ireland and the Irish, several years ago I decided to set in motion my quest for applying for Irish citizenship as a second generation descendant that I was eligible for. What was required was a great deal of legal documentation to prove my claim in order for me to be entered as a citizen of Ireland and gain dual citizenship status as both American and Irish via the Registry of Foreign Births. I put my search on the back burner numerous times when I seemed to hit a brick wall as far as locating the birth certificate of the paternal grandmother I was using to prove my lineage. No matter how many genealogy sites I accessed, the whereabouts of this piece of paper remained elusive. Then a year ago just as we had crossed the threshold from 2011 to 2012, I learned that dear friends of mine were relocating from Spain to Cork, Ireland, which was my grandmother’s birthplace. While I was happy & excited for them, I was also a bit envious because I wanted to get myself there too, and not just as a tourist but as someone with the legal right to stay as long as I wanted to stay. The channel Abraham would say that a rocket of desire had been launched and this was indeed the case. After hearing my friends’ wonderful news, I immersed myself in exploring websites about Cork, imagining myself there too. I followed one link after another and unexpectedly found myself on a “pay for information” genealogy site. I was intrigued! I entered the birth information I had for my grandmother (from 1877!) and came up with nearly 300 matches. I was about to give up when a window popped up suggesting I refine my search with further information, which I was able to do. I hit enter and felt like a Powerball jackpot winner when the results came back…one match. I had found my Nana in one major case of serendipity after months of fruitless searching. It certainly seemed like an auspicious way to start out the long awaited year of 2012! I gladly paid the 6 Euros that allowed me to print out the information and was then able to request the official birth certificate from Ireland.

I completed all the paperwork and submitted my application for citizenship last March with the knowledge that the process of being granted citizenship could take up to 18 months. I admit that it was challenging at times to wait patiently and while I had some great fun imagining what I would create for myself with the granting of this citizenship, it didn’t seem real enough yet for me to truly focus on it. And then 2 weeks ago that all changed when I received notification that my name was added to the Registry of Foreign Births on November 13, 2012 and I am now officially a citizen of Ireland. My long dreamed of manifestation is now becoming a reality. Last week I submitted my application for an Irish passport and when that arrives, the welcome mat to Ireland and all of the other countries of the European Union will be laid out in front of me.

I followed the thread of a dream and a passion and while I had to wait for things to align to support that dream and passion, the seeds that were planted in my old energy life did indeed take root and are now beginning to blossom in the new energy. I remember November 13, 2012 vividly because it was a total solar eclipse and a very potent day energetically that I spent in my car riding through Montana after a snowstorm on the road trip back to New Mexico from Alberta, Canada. I love looking back on that day now and wondering if some of the intensity of what I was feeling was due to the potentials that my name being added to the registry then was opening up!

So this is the message that Brigid, The Green Man, Merlin and St Germain all reiterated. It is time to focus on our dreams and bring them into manifestation because the support is here for that, and I am happy to say that I am off and running with this in my own life and know that your dreams are now within reach in yours as well.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring will be welcomed with the arrival of the Vernal Equinox just a few short weeks away in the month of March. The Green Man says: “Brigid has spoken of the Returning of the Light, symbolized by the celebration of Imbolc. I am the one who embodies the Returning of the Life that occurs in springtime. I represent the green and living things on the planet which so often do hibernate during the winter months of the year. It is appropriate that these cycles on your planet take place for each cycle offers its own gift. Winter is a cycle of rest and a time to go deeper within. Spring brings forth new life and blossoming, and it is a time when you feel drawn to become more outwardly focused once again. You have all been through a long winter, some of you longer than others when we speak symbolically. Now is the time for you to welcome spring into your own lives, regardless of where you live. It is time for you yourselves to burst into bloom and allow more outward focus and interaction in your lives. This will come about in different ways for each of you since you are each such different beings, and yet it is important for you each to realize that it is time to let your light shine and be seen by others. As the words attributed to Jesus remind, you ‘do not put a light under a bushel barrel.’ You are not here to hide your gifts but to share them. You have needed this winter time for your own inner roots to grow strong and go deep. But once they are strong and deep, that is when the blossoming and flowering of spring begins.”

Green Man displayed his sense of humor by using the analogy of the age old brain teaser, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to witness it, does it make a sound?” He equated this to us as well. “If you hide your personal blossoming, if there is no one else there to see and appreciate your gifts and talents, how real are they?”

“Each of you is coming into your own cycle for blossoming. The beauty of this flowering shall be exquisite and each of you is your own unique species of flowering plant. Think of all the varieties that there are here on this planet. It is amazing! It is mind boggling! And if you step into a different geographic location, you have different species. Imagine the Amazon and the Rain Forest! Do you have any idea how many different varieties of beauty in living form from the plant kingdom are in this location? Well, this is what it is like with each of you who are now beginning to come into your budding stage. This is what is occurring now that the Returning of the Light has occurred. You have passed this particular marker now and so the very first soft and subtle signs of spring are upon you within your own internal selves. The buds are beginning to appear and you are feeling this in your excitement over some of the news and messages that have been conveyed to you. Life is returning, but in all new and wondrous ways.”
Both Brigid and The Green Man agree that this year’s Equinox will be another significant marker in the Turning of the Wheel of Planet Earth and one to truly celebrate. We are building momentum in our new reality and for the creation of our own new lives. St Germain agrees that life will be getting much busier all around, but says that it will be “…good busy, it will be fun busy, and it will be creating your dreams busy! Wonderful stuff to come! So savor these last days of February for March is going to bring in quite the shift of energy, quite the upgrade of energy, and it will go by in a flash as time continues to speed up.”

Green Man continues: “Much will be coming about in this particular year of awakening on your planet. Many who have been completely asleep will begin the first small steps towards awakening in their own lives. What is so wonderful about this year of new beginnings is that you will have a continual awakening and returning of the light happening. Think of the events in which there has been global participation, whether in meditation, prayer or simply collective joining in hearts in which each was asked to participate at the same time on the clock but in their own individual time zones. You had a continual wave spreading around the world as this went from time zone to time zone. This will be what the awakening will be like. It will be like a continual wave of light being turned on and illuminating more and more of the Earth. This is what will create your new Golden Era. Those of you who have gone first have struck the match that has begun this awakening to the light. You have struck the match in times that were very dark upon your planet. Many of you have had times of great darkness in your own experiences and yet you did not let your own light go out. So this will be what creates this golden glow in the aura of Planet Earth that will bring about its illumination.”

Brigid affirmed that the latest “grand infusion of energy” that has flowed to Earth in this last week of the 17th to 24th of February has coincided with the opening of the new 26,000 year cycle we are embarking upon, which the Guatamala Maya (according to Drunvalo Melchizadek) have said would celebrate its beginning on February 19th. Merlin shared that there is a “Magician’s Principle” involved in there being a pause between the ending of one cycle, which occurred on 12-21-12, and the beginning of the next on February 19th. He said the Maya were very aware of this whereas most of the rest of the world is not. He shared:

“There has been so much loss of knowledge over the centuries, over the time of this 26,000 year cycle, of what constitutes your ability to perform magic in your own world and in your own lives, and the door is opening now for this to return to you. We have spoken in the past of your own returning abilities to perform magic and what you have done with this previously has been a good seeding of this in your own energy fields, yet before now the energetics were not in place to fully support you stepping into the magical living that so many of you have desired. Now they are. And so, just as we have spoken of the Returning of the Light and the Returning of Life to this planet, I will speak of the Returning of Magic.”

He goes on to say that magic is now waiting to be embraced in our lives, and part of the gift of the channel of new energy abundance that has been carved by expanding consciousness (which Brigid first spoke of in her Imbolc message) is a returning of the magic to our own lives.

“And truly, this is what magic is. It is about having a dream and knowing you can manifest it. There are many other ways to describe magic and yet in your own personal realities, what is it that you want the most? You want to manifest your dreams. “

In order to manifest our dreams we have to become very clear on what our deepest dreams are. Brigid says, “Most of you are very well acquainted with what your deepest desires and innermost dreams are, though many of you have stopped allowing yourselves to dream because it has been so heartbreaking when things have not manifested in the way that you were hoping and desiring. This is where you are so applauded, you are so loved by those of us who have been right by you watching every step you’ve taken on your paths. We know it has not been easy to stay the course and yet you persevered because of the soul desire that you had to participate in the shift of the ages which you have brought about.”

Earlier in the day prior to my communication with Brigid, I had had an exchange with a soul family member via the internet who had expressed gratitude for being able to participate in the healing of the planet that has come about through all the personal work that’s been done. Brigid commented on this, saying that those were extremely profound words and that so many of us did indeed choose to forego much in the way of human happiness because we chose to assist our planet in its transition. “You have desired to be a part of the releasing of the past and its old stuck energies and the healing of old wounds that was necessary before you could reach the place you are at in your now moment. This is a momentous time and we appreciate so dearly what it has cost so many of you in the way of human happiness and joy and success that you have so often times watched others achieve and experience and embrace while it seemed to pass you by, but those others have not chosen the path that you yourselves chose. I am saying to you that now is your time, my beloveds. It is your time to dance in joy, to experience the bliss of having your dreams come true, and it is my delight to tell you that this time is upon you now!”

So how do we go about this dream-manifesting here and now in the new energy? Each of our nonphysical friends expressed it slightly differently but the gist of the message was the same. As we merge our humanness with our divinity and soul Self, we more and more match the frequency that is the key to magic and the manifestation of our dreams…as well as remembering all the lost knowledge and abilities that were once integrally a part of our lives in the ancient past that our souls and cells remember. And the way to do this is the same as what we’ve been being told all along on our journey…open our hearts wider and wider, go deeper and deeper within to access the place within our DNA that connects us to our divinity, and live in transparency and integrity. As we do this, it becomes more and more difficult to move in a direction that is not a “joint collaboration between human self and soul Self divinity.”

We’re at the place where instant manifestation is soon going to be a part of our experience. It was actually to our benefit that this did not occur sooner because most had not refined their dreams beyond just the human level and so instant manifestation of those purely human desires would have taken us off our soul chosen path. What we must do now is find the place where our human desires and our soul desires merge and this will be the path to follow. We’ll know this path by how it makes our hearts sing and our souls soar in joy. As we do this, we are continually raising our human frequency to become a greater and greater match to the frequency of our divinity, which is the frequency of light, love, life, miracles and magic!

A note here on transparency. St Germain had addressed a comment about dimming and turning off inner lights (as experienced by a participant in a dream) to avoid detection by others who were not of the light, and tools for shielding. He called it “playing hide and seek” and said that we’ve reached the place where it is no longer necessary to do so as we move into this new age of transparency. He said “You can’t hide your energy field. This is what is so funny to those of us who watch the dramas unfold on Earth and watch people try to be secretive and hide what they are doing from others (and let’s face it, there’s a lot of that going on!). When you move beyond your human dimension, everything is read in your energy field. You are completely transparent beings energetically and yet most of you on Planet Earth have not figured that out yet.”

Shielding is no longer a requirement when one lives from the heart in integrity and transparency because that frequency will only attract people and circumstances that are beneficial in “a reciprocal manner.”

This was a big theme of the message from each of these etheric friends…that the new energy is a reciprocal energy. Wherever we flow energy by our focus and attention, energy flows back to us in a reciprocal manner. So the suggestion was made that it would be wise to be discerning in where we focus our attention as energy will always be flowing back into our experience reciprocally.

Green Man talked about the energy of all living things and the vibration that that energy carries. “It is time for all on your planet to tune in at a deeper level to the vibration of all living things around you. And of course, everything is living. Even the table in front of you in its own way is living. The stones of the Earth are living beings as well and they hold much energy. You as humans have generally classified things according to how easy it is for you to readily ascertain with your mental faculties if something is “alive” or not, but there is a great spectrum of life beyond what you have tuned into so far on this planet. Your Ancients knew this. Your Natives and Aboriginals knew this. Now it is time for you to openly embrace the knowledge of this yourselves once again.”

In my last post I shared that I had come to recognize an imbalance in my biology that was affecting my lungs and breathing. In researching ways to bring myself back into balance I found myself embracing the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) once again and modifying my diet since food is considered medicine in TCM. I had all the symptoms of being deficient in yang (the masculine solar warming energy) as well as having cold and damp conditions in my body. I have been learning a lot recently about the energetic and thermal properties of food through a book that is a wonderful resource chockfull of information on this topic called Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford that I highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring this further themselves. After having been a vegan for so long, I’ve been happy to learn that I do not need to embrace eating animal foods again in order to rebalance myself, I simply need to have a better understanding of the energetic properties of the foods that I eat. Green Man took this one step farther when he suggested that it would be very helpful to tune into the energy of any food before eating it to find out if it is beneficial to the body in that moment or not, and this will change from day to day and moment to moment depending on many other factors, including the energies being directed onto the planet (and therefore us!) at the time. He said that communicating with the energy of the food will assist greatly in helping each of us to make the best choices for our particular biology in a more organic and fluid way than eating according to any prescribed diet will. Our own energy is constantly in flux as it dances with our environment and our emotions and so we need to make choices based on our present state of energy. In this way we also dance with the energy of our food in a complementary and resonant way.

In speaking of the energy of our environment, Green Man encouraged us also to pay attention to what environments we are personally drawn to. I crave being near water while others close to me love to soak up sunshine as often as possible. Our unique individual energetic make up accounts for this and Green Man says it’s important to once again tune in and listen to our internal promptings in a similar manner to listening to our body’s desires for food. There is a reciprocal flow of energy between each of us and the elements of Nature that we interact with. “Mother Earth, Gaia herself, recognizes your energetic imprint whenever you set foot on her. Nature benefits from her communion with you just as you benefit from your communion with Nature. When one is drawn to lie in the sun and take in its energy, the sun itself is benefiting from this communion also. When one is drawn to spend time by water, the waters of the Earth are blessed by the sharing of energy reciprocally that takes place.”

Seeking these resonant matches in frequency will assist us in raising our own energetic vibration to the place where we will be a match to the frequency of our own divinity. This is how our merging with our soul Self and our light bodies will come about. Our light bodies have a very high “light” frequency and this is what we need to match. Our task is to continue to do whatever we can to keep raising our frequency, which requires the releasing of all that keeps us “heavy” rather than “light,” including any past baggage still being lugged around with us energetically. Sometimes it’s easier to raise one’s vibration in this way in isolation from the world rather than surrounded by other people and the infringement on one’s energy field that goes hand in hand with modern living. This is why many of the yogis and those such as Tibetan monks have lived apart from the world and been able to demonstrate the amazing powers that come from unifying light body and human body. Anastasia of The Ringing Cedars of Russia book series, said to be a surviving descendant of an ancient Vedic sect, is an example in present day of one who, with awareness, is able to keep her body’s energy field in such a high vibrating place that it is not separate and apart from her light body. The powers that she has exhibited according to witnesses are astonishing and often seemingly magical beyond comprehension. These powers and abilities are not unique only to her but are available to all who are aware of the living nature of all things and the reciprocal energetic interactions we have with them, and who are able to maintain a high enough frequency for that divine merging to occur.

So how do we who cannot park ourselves in a cave in Tibet or live in the Siberian taiga reach this place of high enough frequency to merge with our divinity? Merlin says, “Start with becoming more consciously aware over the course of your day of whether you are making choices as to how to go about your day or if you are operating on automatic pilot, for you see automatic pilot and doing things out of habit and from programmings and ingrained patterns of the past does not assist you in the raising of frequency that is desired. You need to be present and aware in each now moment and make continual conscious choices throughout your day. This is one of the quickest ways to continue to elevate your frequency and to become a greater vibratory match to all of that which you choose to bring into your experience.

Much of the world does indeed operate on auto pilot. Time to move beyond that now! Allow yourselves to make conscious choices. Question yourself when you are doing something about why I am doing it now or in this way. Is it because it is something I am consciously choosing now or is it something that is driven from an old program within myself that I should hit the delete button on because it is no longer relevant in my now? Many of you who have spoken of boredom setting in when things did not seem to be moving, when you were in limbo…part of that has been because you were not completely conscious of your Self in each moment of your day. When you become very conscious it is as if you are in a continual dance with your inner being and this is very light and joyful and will assist you in moving forward.”

Brigid says that “when things speed up (as they are now), sometimes it is more challenging to stay connected within Self, connected to your own heart, feelings and inner guidance. So I am desiring today to impart to you the message that your creations and your manifestations will come about so much more easily and so much more gracefully, and be filled with grace, if you make it your priority to maintain your connection to your inner Self, your soul Self, to your own divinity. When you do this you are now working in conjunction with your soul Self as you set up the blueprints for your own future, as you allow yourself to be guided in the direction of what is indeed your soul purpose. Your soul purpose is what brings you the greatest joy, what up until now you truly have only dreamed of. Now the dream is about to become a reality and this is what is truly exciting! You have waited long for it. You have worked very hard indeed for it. And now it is the time for Harvest.

In The Book of Runes, Jera, the rune of Harvest, says that there is a period of waiting before the harvest comes. You have had that waiting time. You have learned that you cannot push the river. And yet, when you are in sync, when you are in communion with the flow of the river, there is no need for pushing for you will find that without effort at all you’re in the flow of the creation of what you desire to manifest most. This is not what is coming but it is what is upon you in your now. So it is of great importance for you to become clearer than you have ever been before on what is most important to you as far as the manifestation of your greatest heart’s desire, of the dream that is most entwined with your heart and soul Self.”

Then Brigid addressed me and my personal dream of Ireland and so perhaps we can say that I am now an official guinea pig (or is that crash test dummy?!) for dream manifestation in this way. She said, “Your passport will be forthcoming, yet you have no idea of what to do next in order to manifest the dream into reality. I would like to let you know that you have much nonphysical support and assistance in making this happen. I would like to suggest to you that you begin focusing on arriving back “home,” which is what you know this place to be energetically, in time to celebrate Lughnasadh, the celebration of the Harvest (on the cross quarter day of August 1), in this land of your heart and heritage which you carry in your energy field. If you simply begin to allow this to be a focus, you will find that everything that needs to happen to make it a reality will align with ease and grace, those wonderful words that this living in the new energy is all about. I would encourage you to do what you feel inspired to do, but be aware that your figuring out how to manifest the money needed for this experience as a next step is truly not a necessity for as you simply focus on the experience itself as what you desire to create, the means for it will also align with ease and grace.”

So it looks like I am volunteering…or more accurately I was volunteered! play in this arena and share the experience with you all!

St Germain dove into the abundance discussion with a slight shift in the old expression “Put your money where your mouth is!” He says, “Put your money where your heart is!” And it seems if our heart is open and leads us to live a life of integrity and transparency, we are in the perfect position to attract that new energy abundance into our experience that we are all desiring to do.

I had been curious to hear St Germain’s perspective on this new channel for money and abundance, especially since I had tuned in to the Crimson Circle’s monthly shoud via live webcast the day after Brigid spoke of consciousness having carved this new energy channel. Adamus, an aspect of St Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, also spoke of this new channel, calling it the Illuminated Free World Bank and sharing that there are stores of gemstones that were hidden long ago that will now make the funds accessible to support the manifestation of our dreams. Merlin had already spoken a bit on the subject:

“The gem energy stored in these caverns, or whatever you wish to call them, has been awakening too as you yourselves have awakened. The energy contained within these sacred stones directly affects the vibration of the planet. Brigid has told you that it is your own consciousness that has allowed the carving of this new channel, and I will say that it has been a reciprocal energetic flow, much as Green Man has just spoken of between you and Mother Nature. Something similar is going on between the energy of these gemstones in the Earth and your own frequency and vibration. As we’ve said that the higher you raise your frequency while in human form, the easier it becomes for your light body to merge with you, something similar is going on as far as your consciousness and your ability to incorporate the rather magical energy frequency that these stones, which as Green Man has said are living beings, are emanating. “

Merlin mentioned the crystal activations around the planet that took place on the triple digit dates of the last 12 years as shared by the Earth-Keeper channel Tyberonn, the last of these activations taking place on the recently passed 12-12-12. Merlin said that everyone who was in the frequency range of resonance with these activations contributed to them. We came to the end of the old cycle on 12-21-12 and after that pause in alignment with the “Magician’s Principle” he spoke of earlier, the true dawning of the New Golden Era was initiated on February 19th. Now that we are in the new cycle, “you’re going to find that there is a far greater reciprocal dynamic of interaction at play between all of you who are opening to this channel and new means of flowing abundance and the energy of these crystals and gemstones, some of which are not even of this Earth and contain properties you might call star properties. You will find that as you continue your journey and you continue to allow your own frequency to become a greater and greater match to the frequency of the stones, that is how you will bring the workings, the magical working you might call it, of the abundance stones into your reality. What you can access via this new energy channel is not just money, for money is simply an energy. It is not the substance of money itself that has been hard for so many of you to acquire. Paper and metal are freely circulated on your planet. It is the energy of money. As you attune yourselves more to this new energy frequency, you will find that each of you will, with those words ease and grace, be able to attract into manifestation in your unique individual experiences exactly the perfect match for you in your circumstances to what will bring the abundance easily and readily into your lives. You will not each be receiving a check in the mail. You will not each be going about this in the way that has been ingrained in all of you as humans for so long as to how money comes into your experience and how you manifest an abundant life. It is all new energy, and as our dear friend Tobias once said, new energy is not a new and improved version of the old. It is just that, new.

So you are likely not quite there yet as far as being able to wrap your minds around the concepts perhaps that I am putting forth or the details of how this will work, and so again it is another reason to get out of your minds. Get out of your minds and get into your feeling state. Get into your hearts and as you live from your hearts and your feeling state, you’ll find that it becomes far easier for you to feel the vibration of where you are at and where your frequency is itself, and to feel the vibrations of the gemstones in the Earth. They are humming.”

Merlin used the example of the humming sound I heard coming from a light bulb earlier that morning just before the light bulb blew out. “Light does have a frequency that can make this humming sound. These gemstones are gemstones of light, hence the name “Illuminated” in the title put forth by Adamus. They are of a very high frequency and vibration. You’ll find that the purer your own vibration becomes, the easier it is for you to feel and hear the vibration, the sound, the humming of these gemstones in your own personal reality, and this is what I would encourage you towards.”

When St Germain addressed the topic, he began by reminding us that we are all made up of energy streams that flow in and through our own energy field. Different people flowing the same energy stream through their unique voices as is done in channeling will find that some of the things said may be similar and some of what is said may be different, so he advised that each of us must discern for ourselves what resonates with us and what does not. Good advice to remember always!

He called these gemstones a “living entity of abundance.” The frequency of the new energy of abundance that has been programmed into the stones has entered the vibration of the planet now. It does not matter if we ever physically see or hold the stones, what matters is that we become a match to the frequency emanating from the stones. It is our own matching frequency that will bring about our own new energy manifestation of abundance. “For those of you who can match the frequency of this, who are in resonance with this, you will find that as if by magic you are able to manifest the money and the abundance in all fashions that is required to support the manifestation of your unique dreams. “

He went on to say, “Previously, oh such as when we have spoken of NESARA and other grand schemes that were all supposedly connected to I, your dear friend St Germain, it was an old energy understanding of how abundance would come about. People desired miraculously for their credit card debt to be wiped out. They wanted to be free and clear of their mortgages. The prevailing consciousness of the old energy seemed to indicate that the fairest way to do this would be for the existing wealth on the planet to be redistributed. Now I will say to you once again that abundance is a matter of consciousness, not a matter of accumulating coins or bills. Those for whom the manifestation of abundance in the material realm still seems a stretch still have a ways to go in raising their own vibration to a matching frequency with the new energy abundant cache of gemstone wealth, for you don’t need the gemstones, you need the frequency match to their energy. Those of you who have allowed yourselves to be supported, even when you have not known where the next influx of money was coming from or how you would meet your obligations in the 3D world, those of you who have chosen to let go of old conventional means of living and did “jump off the cliff” have seen things manifest magically for you, even when you didn’t know how or what would manifest. Those of you who can, with consciousness, grasp and grok that even when you don’t know how… you who are the I AM consciousness, you who are merging your divinity with your humanness…you are always taken care of, it will show up…you are the ones who are first going to be reaping the abundance of the new energy and the channel that your consciousness has indeed carved. You must reach the place within yourself where you are simply in complete resonance with the reality of the abundance being there to support you in manifesting your dreams.”

In closing, Brigid advised, “Allow your dreams to manifest in a way that is joyous. You can have much fun while continuing to expand your consciousness and your connection to your own divinity. The time for ancient rituals and ceremonies that are not imbued and infused with vibrant joyous energy is long past. Do not bring these rituals into the new energy with you. The Green Man and I, and Merlin as well, will all encourage you to be spontaneous in your joy and you will find that you are far more intimately connected to the divine in this manner that you could ever be by simply following rituals by rote, which is akin to painting by numbers. We do not want you to paint by numbers. We want you to pick up your paintbrushes and splash as much color onto the canvas of joyous living as you possibly can. We want you to choose the big box of crayons and color outside the lines with wild abandon. And as you do, know that when you are in joy, you are more deeply connected to your soul Self than you are at any other moment.”

“When you have merged your divinity with your humanness, there is no separation. You do not need to separate out…this is sacred, this is not. For when you are living sacredness, when you are allowing your divinity to bubble out of every cell of your biology with every breath you take and with every beat of your heart, you cannot have anything that is not sacred in your experience. Have fun with this! You have completed a very long and arduous journey that many of you wondered if you would ever be able to complete and pass that finish line of 12-21-12, but you did. And now you are here and it is a whole new world that stands before you, waiting to participate in the creation of your dreams. There is nothing that could be more sacred than this, for you are the creator of your own life and your own experience, and yet while you are sovereign individuals, you are also a collective force for the light that is changing the very fabric of this reality and this planet. There is much to rejoice about!”

St Germain agreed with Brigid saying that it is fun for our nonphysical friends to come in close to us and converse in the manner that they do, and since it is such fun, “This is sacred stuff! This is what we wish you to know. Do you know how many lifetimes you have all sat in such stuffy circumstances thinking that you were being very holy and that you were bridging worlds with your serious ceremonies? Now, I am being lighthearted here. Certainly at times you did bring your passion to those ceremonies. Certainly they were not all a waste. And yet it is time for you to move beyond what you have focused on in the past. This is the era for joy and fun! This new Golden Era is the era for joy and fun. It is time to bring joy to every aspect of your living and your experience and be done with all the sorrow, suffering and heaviness of the past. It is time for light and laughter and joyful living. And I shall be dancing in your midst! I’ve danced with so many of you in past circumstances and quite frankly some of those circumstances were dark and challenging. Now it is time to dance in the light and to embrace the joy of living, and do this by focusing on your dreams.”

Merlin concluded his time with us by saying, “I do have a gift to bestow on you. It is a light energy that I wish to infuse you with. If you will just feel into it, it has a similar feeling to champagne bubbles rising to the top of a champagne glass. So imagine that I am infusing you with energetic champagne bubbles that will assist you in lightening your vibration, and all who tune into this may partake of this wonderful infusion of light energy.

And so I ask you to just sit for a moment and breathe it in. You might be imagining seeing and feeling the bubbles as you take the energy in. Take it in with your breath and then allow it to be imparted to every cell of your body with every breath you take and with every beat of your heart. And know that the kind of magician that you each wish to become is a Magician of the Light. And so in order to be a Magician of the Light, your energy must be light.

I infuse you with light.

And I seal my gift to you with love. So indeed you may say your gift has been sealed with a kiss for it is an expression of love.

I love you very dearly and I choose to be available to work with you on all of the multidimensional levels of your being. We are all working with you in this way.

The light is returning. Life is returning. And so is the magic. Savor it my friends. Embrace it. And celebrate it. Perhaps some champagne in “real life” would be called for?!

I leave you with a smile, with a kiss upon your heart and with the encouragement to bring as much joy into your experience of living as you possibly can for joy is a very light energy.

With that we each bow to you and take our leave from this manner of communication and visiting, but our energy remains with you. We love you dearly. And so it is. Aloha.”

Sláinte! (Cheers!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ This message may be shared freely. ~ ~ ~

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