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Hello dear friends,

It has been quite a while since last I posted here on my blog, over a year now. Kryon through Lee Carroll called 2013 the “Year of Challenge” and likened the energy of it to full moons all year long. That was certainly the case for me and I know it was likely so for many others as well. Now that we’ve passed the Equinox Gateway of yesterday, I am feeling the shift into new energy in a way that I hadn’t yet felt with the very welcome advent of 2014. With the March Equinox being the beginning of the astrological new year, it does now feel to me like it’s time to resume living in a way that has not been possible, at least for me, before now.

My own year of challenge had me reeling in ways I’ve never experienced before in this very intense lifetime, “THE lifetime,” as our dear old friend Tobias once called it. Every single one of us is on Earth during this lifetime with grand purpose and our efforts to continually expand our consciousness have been successful as far as manifesting the Shift of the Ages we’ve just made it through. It has certainly not been easy for those of us on the front lines, those of us Brigid calls the “change makers,” and many of us have paid quite a price on the human level for our participation.

Last spring I was so energetically flattened it was hard to just participate in “normal” living…though Tobias recently told me to give it up as far as ever expecting my life to be normal because it’s not going to ever be. :-) I accept that. I know I’m here for a greater purpose than just living a happy and successful human experience. Last spring I also had to deal with issues I thought I had already resolved long ago. Sound familiar? And later in the year I accepted that it was time to let go of some friends I loved (and still do) but who simply were no longer in a place of resonance with me.

Early in June while out walking I came upon a completely intact snakeskin that had apparently just been vacated by its previous tenant. It seemed so powerfully symbolic of the transformation that the Chinese Year of the Snake required. Little did I know how much my own life was about to change.

My Canadian friend Ziggy and I made our much anticipated yearly trip to Banff National Park in Alberta for the June Solstice, only to find ourselves stranded there in the middle of the massive Southern Alberta flood that occurred at the Solstice. Banff was cut off from the rest of the world when all access roads in and out were closed due to mudslides. Our intended 2 night stay turned into a full week of trying to get back to his home 4 hours east of Banff when the only road that finally opened several days later led west. We said goodbye to his diesel engine Jetta on an uphill mountainous climb in British Columbia when a wire that detached from its sensor allowed the engine to overheat to the point that it was completely fried. After being towed into the closest little town where it then headed off to the junkyard crusher, we found that because it was the weekend and the one car rental place in town was closed, the only vehicle we could rent was a U-Haul. That got us to the closest city several hours away where we were able to rent a car at the airport for the rest of the very lengthy trip back to our destination in central Alberta. The surprising thing for us both was that in spite of the crazy turn our mini-vacation trip had taken, we actually enjoyed ourselves and the adventure and felt like we could handle anything after that experience.

After that experience I learned to be very careful about how I think about challenges.

I did receive my Irish passport just prior to that adventurous trip through the flood that was assisting in the redistribution of water on the planet. I was very excited about that and kept my eyes open for opportunities that would allow me to utilize it by going “home” to the land of my ancestors. In July I found a wonderful 5 month house sitting position in Galway, where my maternal grandmother was born, right by the ocean. I was so drawn to it, yet as I deeply contemplated and mulled over the potential, I kept getting that it wasn’t quite time for this yet and that I needed to spend one more winter in close proximity to my children living in New Mexico. My youngest son Tim kept coming to mind and heart and I thought he needed me near so we could take lots of hikes together and do some deep communicating with each other. I ended up passing on the house sit possibility and joked that when Brigid had suggested I simply envision myself in Ireland in time for the Celtic festival of Lughnasadh, she never said which year’s Lughnasadh.

The energies around the Lions Gate portal during the summer of 2013 were predicted by many to be particularly potent for the first year post December 2012. I found myself on a flight from Edmonton, Alberta to Corpus Christi, Texas in the wee hours of the 8/8 Lions Gate. My entire world and old life slipped away completely when I had received a phone call the evening before telling me that my youngest child, my amazing, beautiful and oh so loved 27 year old son Tim, had suffered a severe heat stroke while working the summer construction job he had been at for only 3 weeks in the brutally oppressive and humid heat wave ongoing in Texas and so many other parts of the world. Tim had spent years putting himself through the University of New Mexico all on his own, majoring in biology with the ultimate desire to work for the US Forest Service and be able to combine his passion for Nature and the outdoors with a career. He was tired of going to school but had only 3 courses left before he would have earned his Bachelor of Science degree. I was so proud of him. Yet it seems his soul had other plans for him. His body temperature was 110 degrees F when he was brought into the emergency room of the small local hospital, where he was then helicoptered to the large medical center in Corpus Christi. My daughter and I arrived within an hour of each other and were able to share a taxi from the airport. We were quite grateful to be together when we first entered Tim’s ICU room as we were beyond shocked at his condition and all the medical equipment he was hooked up to as he lay comatose and unresponsive in his hospital bed.

Soon the book that has been wanting to flow forth from me will be encouraged to do so. I have so much I want to share about the experience of Tim’s transition from his human form back into spirit. Yes, he did transition. My lionhearted son chose to walk through the Lions Gate Portal into the world beyond this one, where he had so many previously departed loved ones waiting to greet him, including the dad who died when he was 4 and his beloved 4 legged black lab friend Rita.

I was so grateful that we were able to transfer Tim back to Albuquerque and I was able to accompany him on the 3 hour med-evac flight that took place in the middle of the night. My daughter Erin and I had been amazed at the loving support we received in Corpus Christi when an incredible number of dear friends made the long trip there to be with us and Tim, with 2 very special young men making the 12 hour road trip from Albuquerque and bringing my other son Patrick with them. A wonderful friend of mine that I had not seen since we were teenagers but whom I had reconnected with a few years earlier via facebook (thank you social media) had insisted on making the 8+hour trip from Dallas to help our family in any way that she could. My niece and her husband ended up spending a week alone in Corpus Christi when they booked nonrefundable flights from Connecticut to be with us and arrived the day after Tim had been transferred back to New Mexico and we all had left. Along with the heartbreaking challenge of Tim’s final days on Earth, it was an amazing time too with the outpouring of love our family received.

During this painful time, I was also very connected to the spirit world and all of those nonphysical friends I have come to know so well. I had several amazing experiences in the meditation room of the University Hospital once Tim was back in Albuquerque. I also had spent time alone in the chapel in Corpus Christi crying my eyes out as I tried to be strong. I literally felt invisible hands on my shoulders with a near overwhelming feeling of peace and love filling me, then heard my beloved friend Tobias tell me that Tim and I had agreed to go through this together on the soul level because of how many people would be touched by the experience and how much it would assist them to expand. I held out hope that this meant that Tim would survive the experience and show others that we do have the power to heal anything within our physical biology. Apparently that was not what our souls had in mind with this agreement as in the early hours of the morning of August 21, the night of a Full “Blue” Moon, Tim’s spirit left his body for good, graciously waiting until his much loved sister’s birthday on August 20 was over. I do feel that his spirit had made the decision to leave a bit earlier but kept his body alive long enough to not mar his sister’s day of celebration, just as her father had done the year she turned 9 when I spent her birthday in another ICU waiting room praying that he would hold on a little longer before leaving, which he also graciously did. Erin and I both had the experience a day earlier of seeing a blinding flash of bright white light in the early afternoon, me while alone in the meditation room, Erin while at work where her boss also witnessed it and was as baffled by what caused it as she was. Later we found out that Tim’s first love, a young woman who truly was the “love of his life” though their lives had gone in different directions, also saw a flash of bright white light at the same time. I’m pretty certain that that was the actual moment of Tim’s departure.

At the Celebration of Life memorial we had for Tim instead of a funeral, I tripped and fell on concrete. When I finally agreed with everyone else that I needed to head to the hospital for x-rays 10 days later since I still couldn’t bear any weight on my ankle, I found out I had broken 3 bones in my ankle and foot. I spent the next 6 weeks of immobility staying in Tim’s room and sleeping in his bed at the house he had shared with his brother and a dear friend whom I consider another “son” and will love forever for his refusal to leave his friend’s side in the hospital. We spent numerous nights keeping each other company and dozing in chairs in Tim’s room during the 10 day vigil we kept that led up to his transition. I felt the broken bones likely happened in order to keep me there in the house for longer than I would have stayed otherwise. It was good for me to be with these young men and all the friends who were continually stopping by, and I feel it was good for all of them that I was there too.

My car had been left in Alberta when I flew to Texas and during the time I was in Albuquerque, Tim’s employer provided me with a rental car. Shortly after his passing, I had the experience of the accelerator on the car getting stuck just as I pulled in the driveway of the house my sons lived in. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life as the car and I crashed through the back end of the house’s carport and through the storage unit on the other side of it, then careened backwards and took out one of the carport support beams that also supported the roof of the house when the car went into reverse as I attempted to put it in park to get it to stop. Fortunately no one was injured but a lot of structural damage was done, and also fortunately the guy at the rental place had had me sign for full insurance coverage on the vehicle because it ended up being totaled. It was so interesting for me to see that this accident allowed for a great deal of movement of energy and I released a lot of the anger through the experience that I had been feeling around the death of my son and also some challenges with a few people I had had to accept were no longer in a place of resonance with me when I had hoped that they still would be.

I flew back to Alberta in October once my orthopedic doctor gave me the okay to do so and replaced my hard cast with a removable “boot.” My Canadian companion Ziggy had been dealing with what he thought was a back injury while I was dealing with Tim’s transition and my broken bones in the US. He was receiving a series of physiotherapy treatments that would end just in time for us to drive back to New Mexico in early November. During the weeks prior to our departure, I had the joy of “Tim” coming through energetically to communicate with me in the same manner that I’ve been communicating with so many other nonphysical friends over the years since I discovered my ability to translate the other dimensional energies I feel into conversations. He assured me that the work that we will be doing interdimensionally has only just begun and there is much more to come and much more to share with others. Apparently part of our soul agreement with each other was to share this experience in order to break through and shatter so many of the old beliefs around death, and to show that love and our soul connections truly are eternal. I am looking forward to this as soon as things calm down on the human level enough for me to really focus on it.

This winter in New Mexico, like so many other things, did not turn out as planned. Ziggy flew back to Alberta on New Year’s Eve as his back pain continued to get worse rather than improve. The CT scan done on his birthday in January showed that he had a very large tumor wrapped around his spinal column which required 2 intricate spinal surgeries in February to remove. The doctors have told him what a very rare thing this huge tumor was as they believe it has been growing in his body for about 35 years and it amazed everyone in the medical community that it was benign and not cancerous since tumors that large are generally malignant. Ziggy feels that with this life changing experience of the tumor diagnosis and surgical removal he has just completed something that has been with him energetically since the days of Atlantis…and he is very grateful to still be here in human biology to continue the journey into the new energy world his own life’s path has assisted in bringing about. He is presently in an orthopedic rehab facility in Alberta regaining the mobility that the tumor took from him and I will be making the road trip north to join him there when he is released sometime next month.

It has certainly been a very difficult and eventful year in my own life since last I connected with you all in this way. I still have some very emotional and low moments as I continue to grieve the loss of my son on the human level, yet the interdimensional doorway that has been opening wider and wider between us has greatly assisted me in being able to tune into the bigger picture playing out, most of the time. Occasionally during this year of challenge I would log onto my blog and I was continually amazed when I looked at the statistics for number of visits to it. Even without my having posted anything in the last year, the number of daily visits from all over the world were staggering. I found this very, very humbling and I recognize that as people everywhere continue to awaken, they seek inspiration and support on their personal journeys to expand consciousness. In words I believe were attributed to Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.” And so we are. I am awed by the power of the internet to connect us, as people from far flung countries all over dear Gaia have been connecting with our nonphysical friends, me, and each other by visiting my blog. We are One indeed. Today’s check of the blog stats showed that the latest person to visit lives in Iraq. That is where my heart is sending much love today, as it has to every country and every person who has connected with me and our nonphysical friends in this way. I love you each so much and your continued presence has helped me a lot to get through my own Year of Challenge.

Brigid came through with an encouraging message for this Equinox that I will now share with you. As she and all the rest of our beautiful soul family of nonphysical friends continue to assure us…You are dearly loved! Please know you are dearly loved by me as well.

May the blessings be abundant in your life!

Brigid on the March Equinox:

This message came through on Tues March 18, 2014.

~ ~ ~ Brigid: Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones! (This means One Hundred Thousand Welcomes in Gaelic.) It is I Brigid coming in today with a heart full of love, a heart singing with joy to be in your presence and your company once again and to be able to impart a message of hope, of light, and of the greatest love that is available to all who exist upon this planet, within this universe, and within All That Is.

Maureen has asked me today to give a message that would in many ways sum up this past year of her own silence in sharing publically, and that would sum up what she herself has experienced that has been so similar to what so many others have as well, even though each of your circumstances have been unique…even though each of you have faced your own personal challenges, your own personal demons you might say, in your 3D human reality. The Kryon through our beloved Lee Carroll stated that 2013 was the Year of Challenge for lightworkers. It was what he equated to a year of full moons and full moon energies, and this beloved one who allows us to flow through her voice would certainly affirm that this has been what it was like in her own life. Challenges she never thought possible came to her and yet what has happened but she has grown through these experiences in ways she never could have anticipated, in directions she never entertained would be a part of her reality as a lightworker and a change bringer on planet Earth. Yet this is what each of you who hears this message and who takes it to heart has come here to do. You have come here to bring about change. And you are doing this, and you are being successful, and you have earned the gratitude of All That Is for the sacrifices you have made. And I do not use that word lightly for I know that you have come to understand that on the human level, sacrificing yourself is no longer seen as a desirable quality. It is no longer a necessary part of your Divine Human experience, and yet I speak of sacrifice in a broader sense, for each of you who resonates with this message has likely sacrificed much in the way of human happiness in order to fulfill your goal, your purpose, your mission in being here on Earth during this incredible time of planetary transformation and change and movement forward. You have given up so much in the way of joyful human experiences that have been taken for granted for eons as far as what is the epitome of a good life on planet Earth. You have lost love relationships, you have lost loved ones, you have not had the successful human reality that others around you have been enjoying for so much of your life. You have not reached the place of monetary abundance that so many of your peers have also been enjoying. And you have done this with grand reason and purpose, my dear beloved ones. You have done this to shake loose from its very foundations the old energy paradigms that have kept planet Earth herself in a rut of old programmings and old belief systems that do not serve to accelerate forward movement and growth and expansion of consciousness. So yes you have sacrificed your own personal human happiness in many ways in order to be the movers and the shakers who would catalyze and assist in this forward movement for this beloved planet Gaia.

Know that your work is honored beyond all else by All That Is. Know that you are so dearly loved, so deeply applauded, and so gratefully thanked for this service that you have willingly taken on for humanity, for planet Earth, but again for All That Is, for whatever happens on Earth is watched throughout this universe and many others. What happens on planet Earth is noted by All That Is for it sets a precedent, my dear ones. You are each assisting a forward movement of All That Is by your very own expansion of consciousness which is infused into the grid of planet Earth, which radiates out into the universe and All That Is. As you change, each of you, my dear beloved ones, you affect change in everything around you. As you move forward in grace, even though you do not always feel you are walking in grace, but as you move forward in grace through the challenges that human living presents to you, and you do not buckle and fold under them, though at times you are indeed brought to your knees by what is transpiring around you, you lift up All That Is, for as you raise the frequency of the vibration of planet Earth, this affects All That Is. And this is duly noted by all of us who are indeed not only sitting in the bleachers cheering you on, but who are here every moment of every day to be of as much assistance in the energetic and ethereal realms to you as we can possibly be. We cannot do it for you but we can assist you in every way possible from our level, from our dimension of experience, for we want so much for you to continue to succeed.

And this you have done. You have succeeded in blasting through the old paradigms and this is what the Shift of the Ages of December of 2012 was about. This was the culmination of your work and yet, so many of you thought that on Dec 22, 2012 you would have the wonderful celebratory party…and it did not quite work out the way you had anticipated and hoped, for 2013 was the Year of Challenge in so many ways. And so many of you questioned what happened. Didn’t we reach this crossover from the old to the new? Didn’t we pass the marker? Why is life even more difficult? What is going on?

What went on was the transition from the old to the new. There is always a carryover of the old into the new, there is always some of the new still within the old. We have spoken of this before. And this is what transpired. And some of you now are still even in 2014 shaking off the muck, shaking off the energetics of this year of 2013 that was so difficult and challenging. But my message today is one of hope. It is one of joy. And as always, it is one of love. You are now on the threshold of the new. You celebrate this balancing in the Turning of the Wheel known as the Equinox. With this major Turning of the Wheel you begin a new year astrologically. You might say that you are in the very last throes of the Year of Challenge as you now approach the Equinox coming up this Thursday, the 20th of this month.

Maureen’s astrological friend, or friend who is very versed in astrology, had mentioned that the Gregorian calendar of Dec 31 as New Year’s Eve and January 1 as New Year’s Day is very arbitrary and it was man made. The true beginning of the New Year starts with your vernal equinox here in the northern hemisphere. So for those of you here who are greeting this particular equinox, know that you are indeed celebrating the beginning of your new astrological year. And even for those in the southern hemisphere welcoming autumn rather than spring, you are still within the astrological wheel and so you are indeed beginning anew also.

I wish to speak now of what this new beginning is about and what it means.

It is time to let go of the past. And for so many of you this sounds so old to your ears for you have heard it for so long and you have felt you have been doing it for so long. And indeed, we know how weary so many of you are on this journey and on your path. And yet, just as in the now where Maureen sits and allows these words to flow through her voice, the wind is blowing furiously and it is a time of change of the seasons, the winds of change are upon you also, in a new way. Oh we know so many of you feel that so many carrots have been dangled in front of you, that so many promises have been made that have not been kept, and yet it is simply that the time has not been appropriate yet. All the promises that were made to you will be kept and they are on your threshold. They are on your horizon. Yet we are aware that living in density for just one day can weigh so heavily on your spirit, on your soul, when it is not the joyous living that you have so long anticipated, hoped for, desired, and trusted would be yours. Please do not lose hope and do not lose trust, my beloved ones!

You are so close to the doorway opening to all the new you have desired, and yet you must tie up your loose ends, you must complete what you have begun in the past, even if it is not in the fulfillment of past hopes and dreams that you had anticipated it would be. But it is time to bring all that was begun in the old energy to completion and a conclusion in your lives in whatever way your soul presents to you as the most appropriate way to reach this completion and conclusion. For each of you it will be different. For each of you it will be unique. Yet you must continue to trust your inner guidance. You must continue to listen to the voice of your soul, which does speak to you loudly and clearly when you yourselves are clear enough to listen.

You know what is the right next step for you, even when you are frustrated in that step not coming soon enough. Trust yourselves, dear ones. You know what is not right for you and you know what is right for you. The challenge has been to bridge these dimensions of past and future, of old and of new. And you have been in the transition zone for quite some time. The transition is coming to its completion and conclusion as you enter the New Year that begins with your equinox of March 20. You’ll find that things speed up for you even more. They speed up in ways that you will begin to see are quite pleasant, quite benevolent, quite what you have been desiring. Now again, I know you do not like to hear it that it will not all happen for you at once. It will not be as if Merlin waved his magic wand and everything is different in a heartbeat and the blink of an eye. It does take time in your world of density, though that time has become so compacted these days. Time is not what it used to be. You will find that what would have taken years now only takes months. What in the past took months will take weeks. What took weeks will take days. Be prepared for the unexpected and as Kryon has called it, be prepared for those UBCs… Unexpected Benevolent Changes. They are upon you. We know you grow weary. We are here today to offer you as much sustenance and nurturing energetically as is possible, to say Hold on, dear ones! Hold on! The Wheel is Turning once again, and as you know, with each Turning of the Wheel, new energies come to you. They are on their way.

This period from this equinox in March of this year through your solstice of June of this year is more pivotal than any period you have been through previously as far as what you are desiring to bring forth and to give birth to in your lives. So I beseech you to hold on, dear ones…to turn to your soul family as much as you possibly can when you are tired and when you are weary. Know that we are here to hold you up, to support you and to sustain you.

April will be a very powerful month of energetic change and once through this you will truly begin to feel the difference in your lives and human realities when you enter the month of May. By June, yes, things will be different in positive ways, though we know that you grow weary of hearing this. So I come in today to say, allow yourselves to be infused with the energy of hope springing eternal in the human breast that comes with the advent of Spring in the world around you. Let Spring indeed take root in your heart and in your lives and know that you are doing so much for the benefit of humanity and All That Is. You are so highly regarded and you are so appreciated. Hold on, my dear ones! There is much of joy upon you, coming with the advent of Spring. Trust this. Trust this! And know how dearly, dearly loved you are.

Keep your home fires burning. Keep the fires in the hearth of your heart lit and blazing brightly. I love you so very, very much! And so it is, my beloved ones. Cead Mile Failte and Aloha! ~ ~ ~


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Thank you for sharing Maureen. The shadings from Brigid through you really resonate with my heart sndf is something I very much needed to hear. I love you dearly dear sister in heart! Take very good care of yourself! Love and hugs, Vivian B.

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Thank you for sharing Maureen. The sharings from Brigid through you really resonate with my heart and is something I very much needed to hear. I love you dearly dear sister in heart! Take very good care of yourself! Love and hugs, Vivian B.