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Tim Message #1: The Journey Continues

Hello Everyone!

Today with this post I’m taking things in a new direction with my blog sharing. For years now I’ve been sharing the messages that have energetically come through my voice from Beings I haven’t known in human form during this lifetime I’m living as Maureen. It seems that all those chats were, in a way, priming the pump so to speak for this next phase on my journey. My beautiful, amazing, and oh so well loved son Tim, who transitioned in August 2013 at the ripe young age of 27, has been communicating with me since very shortly after he passed and he has let me know that he now wants me to start sharing these messages from him publicly.

I welcome all who are new to my blog who’ve found their way here as a result of knowing Tim or knowing of my own experiences with him during his transition from human form back to his eternal spirit Self. And to those folks who have enjoyed the contact with all our other old soul family friends who’ve been speaking through my voice, know that I’ve been assured that they will continue to visit in this manner as well. Now we’re just adding a new flavor to the mix.

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day in the mountains of New Mexico, where I’ve spent my winter. Since I’ll be leaving soon to head north and spend time again in Alberta, Canada, I felt drawn to get outside and enjoy the day as much as possible and decided that my broken bones have healed enough that I was up for a hike to one of my favorite places in the Cibola National Forest. Due to those broken bones and the challenge of conflicting work schedules with those close to Tim who wanted to be part of the scattering of his ashes, we never did make it happen as a collective…though my daughter attended the football game at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas over Tim’s birthday weekend in December when her Packers team was playing his Cowboys team and she did do a little sprinkling of his ashes there after the game. I have joked with her that the Packer’s win by one point was most definitely a gift to her from her brother and she has agreed with me. I also did a little impromptu ceremony on the New Moon just over a week ago in which I played a Slightly Stoopid cd, one of Tim’s favorite groups, drank the last can of Bud Light that was leftover in the refrigerator from a visitor (I’m a Guinness fan myself when I do choose to have a brew, but the temptation of including “This Bud’s for you, Tim!” in my ceremony was too strong to quibble over brands) and sprinkled a few of Tim’s ashes around the yard of this house in the mountains that he enjoyed so much when he came to visit during the winter a year ago…and which is the place where I spent my last happy moments with him while he was still here in body.

So yesterday seemed a perfect day to take his Cowboys hat off the urn of Tim’s ashes where it usually resides and put it on my own head, then pour some of those ashes into a plastic bag and head to the waterfall trail my family has loved and spent so much time together hiking and hanging out with each other. When I started the car in the garage and the radio came on with tons of commercials on every programmed station I hit the button for, I just turned it off and asked to have a meaningful song play for me when I felt drawn to turn it back on. Halfway down the mountain towards the trailhead, my request was answered. I turned it on to hear the last refrain of Guns ‘N Roses singing “Sweet child of mine…sweet love of mine…Where do we go? Where do we go now?”

What a question indeed. And after my experience yesterday, I know the answer is that the journey continues. We keep going on together, though in all new ways than we’ve ever experienced before.

Memories of the times I hiked that trail with all of my children and with each of my children over the 20 years since we moved to New Mexico came flooding back as I began the oh so familiar climb towards our beloved waterfall. The scent that I call “pure New Mexico” because it is so unique…high desert pine mixed with sun baked earth…was intoxicating as I soaked in the cerulean blue cloudless sky and wondered how many times my feet had kissed the ground beneath me in this magical place…and how many times had Tim’s also, with either our family dog Rita, the black lab he grew up with, or Athena, his “baby” who filled the hole in his heart after Rita’s time in body ended all too soon for those of us who loved her so much.

I stopped in the little clearing with the big pine trees where we often hung out if the trail was busy with other hikers, intending to sprinkle a few ashes there. But I heard Tim tell me to wait and do it on the way back. So I continued on, and when I stopped to peel off a layer due to the warmth of the sun, several other hikers passed me and I realized that their presence would have interrupted me if I hadn’t waited.

Butterflies were everywhere and brought such a feeling of joy to the day. I hiked up above the waterfall because one of the hikers who passed me was busy taking photos of it when I reached it, and I spent some time in the beautiful little glade where the spring water that feeds it bubbles up out of the ground. The Source. It seemed to have a lot of symbolic meaning to me yesterday and I found myself feeling Tim so present with me and feeling such peace. I also remembered how years ago during one solo hiking trip with my best 4 legged friend Rita, who was happily running around without her leash on while I spent time in this same spot, I had heard another hiker coming up the trail from the waterfall and could tell that the hiker had a dog with them too. I had been enjoying the solitude of not having encountered another soul that day on my hike so I was a little disappointed to have company as I called Rita to come get her leash back on. What a great surprise when who should come around the bend but Tim’s good friend xxxx and his dog Solomon. We both laughed so much at this “coincidence” and then enjoyed such a wonderful visit with each other sitting on logs in the woods as Rita and Solomon happily frisked around us as they played with each other. There really are no such things as accidents or coincidences. The time xxxx and I shared together there was such a blessing for me and I had remembered that as we both sat vigil together through more than one night in Tim’s intensive care hospital room last August.

When I headed back down to the waterfall I decided to not take the trail I had come up on, but go the other way on a loop that runs around it and that accesses the waterfall via a very steep cliff. I was remembering the first time I brought all 3 of my kids up to the waterfall and we didn’t realize there was a trail off to the other side that was a much easier way to climb above it. Tim’s older brother had easily scampered up that steep cliff and Tim had gamely followed him like a little mountain goat as my daughter and I watched from the level ground next to the waterfall. It brought a smile to my face and I decided that I could savor the memory a little more vividly if I made my descent to the waterfall in this same manner, figuring that sliding down on my posterior might actually be fun and make a good new memory of my own. Halfway down while doing just this I stopped and sat for a while, looking at the tiny little waterfall in front of me. And then I heard a hummingbird singing its throaty song and watched it splash and play and drink from the little trickle of water. Hummingbird…the totem of joy which sustained me so much during Tim’s hospitalization when I would sit out on the patio of the house he lived in with my morning coffee and watch the hummers dart and play and feed from the trumpet vines that covered the fence surrounding it. What a beautiful sign!

After a while I slid the rest of the way down the steep incline, feeling like a little kid as the dust flew and covered the seat of my jeans, enjoying it immensely. I walked over to the little trickling fall of water and stood by it, feeling like I was in a sacred place and experiencing a sacred moment…until I distinctly heard Tim saying to me with laughter in his voice, “Mom, aren’t you forgetting something?” I turned around and looked up and saw that while my backpack had made the descent with me, I had left the plastic bag filled with Tim’s ashes right next to where I had been sitting on the ground. I can’t even begin to tell you the humor that flew between me and Tim in that moment of realizing what I had left behind. This was the kind of scenario that would have had us all rolling with laughter during the time Tim was alive in his body as Tim, and believe me, he let loose with a few good jokes about it that I’m still smiling over. I did climb back up and retrieve the bag and felt in very good spirits as I returned to stand in front of the waterfall to begin scattering those ashes.

Cremation feels so much more natural to me than embalming a recently vacated and no longer needed body by injecting it full of chemical preservatives. This was actually the first time someone I loved was cremated though as the earlier deaths experienced in my life all went the traditional embalming and funeral route out of respect for the others involved in saying goodbye to a departed loved one. When I picked up Tim’s ashes on the morning of his Celebration of Life memorial that we chose to do instead of a funeral, I had been surprised at the weight and the bulk of the ashes. Great senses of humor have always been sustaining for me and my family and I recall the moment of what we would likely call inappropriate laughter when I told my daughter that I had found out that the price for a cremation went up if the deceased person weighed more than 200 pounds. Fortunately Tim’s size and weight allowed us to go with the regular price.

Cremated ashes look like coarse grey and white sand. I scooped out a handful from the plastic bag as I stood in front of the waterfall and as I tossed it in the air, it reminded me of faerie dust as the light breeze caught it and the sun glinted off of it while it was in the air. Then I heard “Not faerie dust, Timmy dust!” and I couldn’t help smiling joyously from ear to ear at the lightness of the moment. It was truly LIGHT in all ways.

I sprinkled Timmy dust down the entire trail back to the parking lot and that felt joyous too. I had moments of deep contemplation as I did so, thinking at one point how the tiny white fragments of bone and teeth mixed in with the grey ash contained Tim’s DNA which would now mix with everything alive and growing in this place he so loved…and how my own DNA was a part of his since he was “flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone” since he once grew in my body’s womb. I also recalled how years ago I had gone to see the incredible exhibit of colored sand mandalas created by visiting Tibetan monks in Albuquerque and then participated in the gathering at the Rio Grande Nature Center on the final Sunday morning of their stay when in beautiful ceremony they scattered the sand of these magnificent works of art into the Rio Grande River, symbolizing how everything corporeal is temporary and doesn’t last. Scattering Tim’s ashes along the trail felt a lot like a much more personal and sacred version of that Tibetan monk ceremony. The body doesn’t last. The soul and spirit are eternal.

More special songs on the ride home and then I felt Tim asking to come through my voice and energy translating skills. This is the message that he brought through and asked for me to share, which I do with great love.

Much love from me (and Tim) to each of you,


Tim: Hello Mummy! And hello everybody who is listening in, tuning in, or eventually reading these words and connecting with this energy. This is the soul of the one you knew and loved as Tim. Tim will always be an aspect of my soul. It was an incredible experience to live the lifetime I lived as Tim. But there’s so much more to my soul, as there is to each of your souls, than just one lifetime, or one incarnation as my Mom calls it. We are all eternal souls. And today my Mom and I start our agreed upon on the soul level work together by my coming in and sharing in this way.

My Mom has a unique ability, a gift you might call it, but it is an ability that everyone has…but the majority of people have not woken up to it, or realized it, or been able to access it for themselves yet. Know that it will come, especially if you set your intent for it. My Mom has been practicing this for years now. She’s very sensitive to energies and she knows that if she tunes into the energies, just like you might tune into a particular frequency on a radio, she can communicate with beings, souls, entities, other living parts of the universe that are not in physical human form. I really didn’t pay much attention and wasn’t too aware of that during my lifetime as Tim because I was busy with other things, but my Mom always recognized from the time that I was born that we had a unique connection with each other and as she went through her learning curve of becoming a hypnotherapist and delving into past lives and past life regressions, she came to understand that we have lived many, many, many lifetimes together and I’m here today to affirm this. We have. We have been just about anything and everything to each other in our experiences on Earth. And they’ve been beautiful because they’ve always been connected by our soul love for each other.

And so I want to tell you all that this is true for each of you in your own unique experience too, that the people who are in your life and are close to you are not there by accident. It’s been agreed upon before you entered your lifetime that you would have experiences with each other, those of you who are together. You chose this on the soul level, even if on the conscious level, the human level, the mental level, the thinking level, you say “I would never have done this, I would never have chosen this person to be in my life”…and I’m laughing as I say that…for those who are closest to you on the soul level sometimes come in to play Devil’s Advocate in your life, and my Mom knows about this from her own personal experiences.

I want to assist and I want to help people to wake up, especially the people that I have loved in my lifetime as Tim. You guys were amazing and incredible and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends, and truly we were so much more than friends. We were and are soul family. We all knew each other before we came to Earth, and every one of you who has been close to me and has hurt from the experience of losing me in your life as a friend, as a loved one, as someone close to you, we agreed upon this before we all came in together. You, on the soul level, knew that I would leave earlier than most of the rest of you. And I would like to share a bit on that and say that while the human Tim had no idea that his soul had made the agreement for a short span of time on Earth this time around, on the soul level I knew full well that I was only agreeing to a short period of time here on Earth, and that is why I lived my life with such (laughter) wild passionate enjoyment in so many ways. And I would encourage all of you to look at putting some of that into your own experience as well, even if your soul agreement is to stay til you’re 114! Life is meant to be lived with passion and enjoyment, and so many people miss this point. And this is why I do love so many of the friends that I had in this lifetime and left behind, because you didn’t buy into the…what would you call it? didn’t buy into society’s expectations of what makes a good life. I would encourage all of you to continue to not buy into it.

I chose to leave…and note to xxx here (laughter)…the whole conspiracy theory thing about 2012…it wasn’t a conspiracy theory but there was something to the hype. The world was supposed to end, or there was a good possibility of it, when we came in…in 2012…and yet so many people, as my Mom knows because she was one of the ones who assisted with this, raised their consciousness and shifted their frequency and changed from the status quo of society or mass consciousness as she calls it…and this allowed for Armageddon as it was thought of to be bypassed. And instead you get the opportunity for a whole new life and experience here on Earth that will far outlast each of your lifetimes. You have set in motion something that will be playing out for thousands of years to come and it’s exciting. But what I want to say for myself is that on the soul level, I knew I was only staying through 2012 for many reasons which I will share at a later time but today’s not the right time for that. It was no accident when I left or the way that I left, and that is something that’s important for everybody to know too…that however a person leaves their human physical body and experience is something that’s agreed upon on the soul level. And sometimes the soul choice is simply the quickest means to an end. That’s what it was in my experience and so I truly want everyone who knows me, loves me, knew me, loved me as Tim, to let go of any feelings of guilt that they should have done more to assist me on a life path that was different than the one that I was on. The life path was perfect for me to make the exit that I always intended to make. I love so many of you and I just want you to know how exciting it is to be an eternal being, and the majority of you don’t understand that you truly are eternal beings. You know, you could all well imagine me as just being with xxxx in New Zealand right now for how NOT different my experience is in the sense that we don’t end when we’re not here in the physical, we simply continue in a new venue you might say. It’s like going to a concert (laughter) at a different place than you’ve ever been before. Think of Red Rocks and how amazing it is, all of you guys that have been there. It’s like I’m hanging in Red Rocks with where I am right now and the experience that I’m having. And it’s good and I know you all miss me because you love me and I’m not there with you in the physical, but know that I am with you and a part of every experience that you have if you choose to open to me and invite me in and allow it. My Mom gets incredible experiences of connectivity all the time because she’s open to it, with songs, with birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, with so many things because she doesn’t negate it, because she doesn’t doubt it. Each of you, if you choose, can invite me or any other loved one that you’re missing in your life and experience, you can invite us in and we will give you a sign. No doubt about it whatsoever.

My Mom had a great experience today because she was in a place that she loves so much in nature and wanted to connect to me and with me in that natural spot that we’ve both loved and spent so much time in. And this happened because she has allowed…she’s allowed the human grief and she’s certainly cried a lot of tears and she has certainly missed me and continues to miss me in the physical, and yet she has transcended beyond just the human experience. She has opened to this kind of connection and communication with me and so she knows that I’m still as much a part of her life now, probably more so than I ever was before. And this is what I want to get across, though I won’t overwhelm everybody in this one conversation today, this is the beginning of many, many conversations my Mom and I are going to have and we’re going to share with you…but the point is, no one’s life is by accident. None of yours are. If you’re still here, if you’re still breathing (laughter) than that means that there’s a purpose for you being here, even if you don’t feel it, even if you’re challenged for direction, it’s all about the inward. It’s all about going inward. And while you know my life on the human level certainly had its share of challenges, maybe more than its “fair share” (laughter), I really did get it on such a deep level what xxxx and I had talked about…that the most important thing in life is to be a good person, to be good to other people and to know and appreciate what’s real and what isn’t. Some of my dear friends had some challenges and conflicts you might say over some of the choices you made that often included a good deal of money in the work that you did. I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with making money. There’s nothing wrong with having money. I certainly would have enjoyed having more of it in my experience this time around, and yet that was a soul choice too to experience life as I did in this incarnation as Tim. My point being is, find what is of value to you and don’t let it be superficial. Find what’s important. Prioritize your life according to what lets you live with passion and enjoyment, what lets you enjoy the people that you love, what lets you feel like you are living as a good person. This is what’s most important. And know that you can’t make mistakes. Everything is simply a choice you make. My Mom right now is remembering back to when I was little, when my brother was little, and she would read us those books where you got to choose what was next. Science fiction books. “And if you think he should do this, turn to page 48. Oh, but if you think he should do that, turn to page 112!” (laughter) This is what your life is like. You get to choose, and you can’t get it wrong. Life is just about experience and I’m not going to go into the whole thing now about churches and religion, but Mom, I am extremely grateful that you raised us with openmindedness and with exposing us to a lot more than just any one religion. That made a huge difference in my life. But I want to say that every path has value. So anyone who is into any particular religion, use it to assist you to expand your connection to what we call God and to what is basically All That Is. But expand your consciousness. Don’t stay stuck in a box. And that’s what I had challenges with religion for, and many others I know have too, is it puts you in a box. Don’t live in a box for anyone or anything. Live freely. Live fully. Live passionately.

But also realize that however you’re living, the opportunity is there for you to connect to more than just your human life on Earth.

I understand the people who do not want to live 40 hours a week in a work box as well. Find something that you’re passionate about. For all of those who feel like you’ve fallen between the cracks of society and freedom, know that change is coming. Things are going to get easier and that is part of why I left when I did. I had an agreement to stay through the tough times and now I’m going on to grand new adventures and experiences, and this has assisted in the shift…what Mom and others call the Shift of the Ages. She’s not crazy, folks! (laughter) All that energy stuff she does is real! And I really get it now. She’s so sensitive to energy like many others are too. Many others know that energetically there’s a huge shift taking place on Planet Earth and you who are here, especially those who have not sold out to the establishment…oh yeah, shades of my Dad, I’ve been hanging out with him (laughter)… love those 60s guys!...if you haven’t sold out to the establishment or what is now known more as mass consciousness, know that you don’t have to live a life of poverty and as an outcast forever because of the choices you made, because as Mom has always liked to say, we each stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us and so many have paved the way for the changes that are happening now, and that are about to take place. They’re happening now and are taking place and are going to lead into whole new ways of living. And no, it won’t be instantaneous, but you’re way too far into it now for it to stop and you need to know that. It’s going to take you to a really good place if you allow it and let it happen and I’m gonna be a part of that. I’m not going to divulge my future choices yet as to what I’ll be doing next. (laughter) But I’ll say that I am really enjoying where I’m at right now. I’m really enjoying being in the limitlessness that comes beyond bodies. Yet having a body is wonderful too so don’t shortchange yourselves. Stay in it while you’re breathing! (laughter) But there are so many choices and I want to keep having the experiences I’m having but I also want to…I want to invite all of you guys who are connected to me or want to be connected to me who are in human form to have some of these experiences with me just as my Mom has been doing ever since I did pass over. There’s a lot of fun to be had and this is a huge piece of the agreement that my Mom and I have and had made on the soul level before we came into this lifetime…to assist, whatever you want to call it, Mom’s thinking the masses, you can call it that, but just to assist people to understand that there’s so much more to life than just living in a human body and there’s so much more that goes on after you’ve experienced death. But I’ll say this. Death needs to come when it’s your time for it to come. Those of you who have struggled with depression and I know that’s pretty much everyone I’m speaking to (laughter) at one time or another, but if you’ve struggled with depression, trust that the best way to exit is when you are in a place of peace with all that’s going on. This is going to be and it will look different for everyone. But trust that you’re here for a reason.

And sometimes…Mom is thinking of some of the people that she knows who have lost loved ones through suicide…sometimes suicide is a soul choice as well. Sometimes that has been a choice that a soul made for the assist it would give to others in their spiritual growth and expansion. Don’t second guess anyone’s soul choices. Every one of us…I will say that because you’re all “one of us” too with your souls there…every one of us is unique. So my main message is to treat each other with respect, treat each other with honor, treat each other with love and compassion and help each other as much as you can in whatever ways you can. Because truly we are all in this together! And I’m going to continue to show you that as I continue to come through my Mom and speak in this manner…and they truly are lining up as far as the others who want to come and speak through her too, to open the doorway between the dimensions and to shine the light so that it’s not a scary dark hallway that you have to walk through, that there is as much joy in shifting from one dimension to another as there is from going from room to room at a party. “Oh, I’ll hang in the living room now for a while.” “Oh, I think I’m gonna go to the kitchen now!” There’s a good experience to be had in every dimension. Know that your soul is assisting you and it is choosing wisely, however it may look to you on the human level. There are so many levels beyond the human one! Start tapping into…tuning into…your soul and you’ll find that there are so many layers to every experience you have. Make it a point to expand the layers of your experience. That’s what so much of what my life was about…and I had a hell of a good time! Oh man, those camping trips! Those concerts! (laughter) Those parties! I have no regrets. And as I’ve said, the way I went out was a soul choice, so there’s no regrets there either. And I want you all to know that. Live your life fully! Passionately! Have fun! Love each other! And that’s all I need to say for the moment. I will be back and we’ll have a lot more fun and a lot more discussions.

Oh and I realize that probably a lot of you are not ready for this and it’s okay. Come back to it when you’re feeling drawn to it. If it doesn’t make any impact on you now, if you really question it, that’s okay. It doesn’t matter. My Mom…I love my Mom! I’m so proud of my Mom…she will put this out there for whoever might be ready for it now and that’s the whole point. Each of you…be who you are now and the hell with the people who don’t get you! The ones who do will really want to be with you. You’re all such beautiful souls and I love you so much and I don’t miss you because I’m right here with you. It’s just in a new way. And I appreciate that you miss me, but just know, I’m doing great and I’m gonna come back as often as my Mom will let me in! (laughter) And we’re gonna have a good time! So know that I love you, know that it was great to come in this way, know that I really appreciated the experience my Mom and I shared as she sprinkled my ashes. And hey, there’s still plenty of ashes so we’ve got plenty more experiences that can be had that way. (laughter) And you don’t need ashes to connect with me. Connect with me in your hearts, through your love and your intent. I’ll be there with you. And then you can share your stories and experiences with each other. I’m gonna have some fun with you!

So on that note, I will tell you that it’s all good. And I’ll tell ya that there’s so much more to come. And I’ll tell ya that I’ll be back and I love you. So take care. Thanks for doing this, Mom. I love you so much!

And with that I’ll say, Ta Ta for now! (laughter) Bye bye!

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