Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BRIGID: A Solstice Message

Hello dear friends,

Once again there has been a pause in my blog sharing as time continues to move forward at seemingly warp speed. Since my last post, I made the 1800 mile road trip north from the mountains of New Mexico to Alberta, Canada solo while also navigating the eclipse window and Cardinal Grand Cross events of the very potent month of April. Since then I’ve been working on finding my own balance once again amidst the ongoing experiences of human living and changes in my own life, the continuing incoming solar energies and the shift that always occurs with a geographic relocation.

During this time, communications from beyond the human dimension have not only continued for me but have greatly accelerated in frequency, so much so that at times I am overwhelmed by all that is coming through that I would like to share. I’ve simply been too busy with my own human experience of living to be able to keep up in the way I would like to. I felt an energetic shift occur with this past weekend’s Solstice and I am hoping that by sharing this latest simple but heartfelt message from Brigid, I can start building momentum towards further sharing.

I have had so much interdimensional communication occurring with my son Tim’s soul that I’m at a loss as to where to even begin to start sharing the beautiful and amazing things that have come through, so I thought that by starting with posting Brigid’s message, I might get the ball rolling as far as resuming my sharing through blog posts. Hopefully I’ll be posting my next message from Tim very soon.

These are pretty intense and incredible times we are all living through collectively on Planet Earth. My wish is that each of us feels our own deep and loving connection to the Divine with each step and each breath we take as we continue our dance with All That Is.

My love to All,

~~~ 6-21-14

Brigid: Cead Mile Failte Beloved Ones! It is the energy of the one you know as Brigid coming in today on this monumental day in the Turning of the Wheel of the year. Today is your Solstice and it is a grand and important Solstice indeed for it is a marker for you in a way that you have not previously experienced. So many days have been said to be important to you over the course of the time that we have been speaking, and this has come through many other sources as well. And yet you have never been at the place you are in in this now moment of time. You have never energetically created quite the atmosphere for such manifestation of the new in a very real way as is present and available to you now.

I know so many of you are weary, so many of you have nearly given up, feeling that this whole long journey has been nothing but dangling carrots to keep you going, and yet you yourselves are the ones who have chosen to continue on…even in the times when it has been so challenging and you’ve been so close to giving up. Yet you have not given up. You have stayed the course and you have reached this turning point and this marker that you find yourselves at today with this beautiful celestial event that you know as Solstice marking the beginning of your summer here in your northern hemisphere and the turning to winter, an equally beautiful time in its own way, in the southern hemisphere.

Now so many of you have felt stuck, you have felt detached, you have felt as if nothing is moving in your own personal lives and reality, and it certainly has appeared this way. And yet once again this has not been without reason and purpose. In many ways it has been a resting point on the journey for so many of you. We know that you have grown restless and impatient, so many of you, to get going and continue moving forward because you are desiring a destination that is different than the place you find yourselves in in this now moment of time…and yet remember that the journey is never solely about the destination. It is about the experiences you have along the way.

So many of you have had such tremendous challenge in your lives in so many different ways, through so many different experiences, and while you wish to move beyond the place you are in in the now moment, the timing has not yet been right for that. It has not yet been appropriate to move forward full steam ahead because your new journey that is about to commence will have new challenges inherent in it. Now this does not mean it is going to be so long and arduous as the road you have already walked has been. It simply means that there will be so much newness to experience that you do not yet have reference points for what is to come, and so it was deemed a wise move and choice on the soul level to allow for things to slow down for a period of time. Many of you feel as if things have come to a complete halt. I assure you they have not for so much has been going on beneath the surface of your awareness, yet you have needed to develop the skills, the talents and the abilities that this last part of the journey has brought up in you to persevere, to be self-sustaining, to be connected to the divinity within you no matter what is going on around you. For this is what will serve you in the newness that is to come in which you presently have no frame of reference upon which you can fall back on.

Again, I know you grow tired of hearing that it will not happen overnight or like the flipping of a switch, and yet I will say to you that it is now the time when much will be speeding up. It is the time when the rest you have had will serve you as you enter the new…and even with your still ongoing struggles with human reality, you have had a rest in many ways during this transition period you have been in between the old and the new. You will find that now new adventures do begin for you with new joys, with new passion, also with new challenges, and so be aware that you are in the best possible place to embrace what is to come because of this lull that you have gone through, this period of seeming null and void as far as movement and activity in any new direction. This is not true for all of you, but many of you have felt this, that nothing of the new has opened up for you while it has been very challenging to sustain the old. Believe me when I say that it has been appropriate and there has been grand reason and purpose to this as far as what is to come.

The sun is a pivotal player in the Turning of the Wheel of the year that we refer to so frequently, and the sun is a pivotal player in you each remembering more and more of the All That You Are and the fullness of your being beyond just the physical body and beyond just who you might be in this particular incarnation you are now living on the planet. You are so much greater than any one incarnation you live on Earth, and yet this present incarnation has been so important in allowing you to call home to yourself while in human form and physical body all of the aspects and all of the previous and former realities and incarnations you have lived…when you look at it through the eyes of duality. Beyond duality they are all happening at the same time, but in your linear mind and thinking, it does not appear that way. Know that this is the lifetime for this integration to happen, where you yourselves become the Flower of Life in your own sacred geometry of bringing into balance all aspects of your soul self.

What is to come next? That is unique for each of you, and each of you must continue to trust that it is your soul that is your guiding star and the bright light that will illuminate the pathway that is yours and yours alone to travel as you go forward from here. But be it known that none of you are going to be left behind, none of you are going to remain oblivious to your own gifts and abilities. Each will be called into play to contribute to the evolution of the planet as a whole. Each of you is so important in this huge undertaking and enterprise that has been the focal point of what has been occurring on the planet for all of this lifetime you each have been living, even when you have not been aware of it, even when you have not consciously been choosing to focus on it. None of you have been lost along the way. Some of you have not awakened to your true soul purpose in being here this lifetime and you have played the game of simply living a human reality, and yet be aware that no one is on planet Earth at this moment in time by accident. Every single being now incarnate is here on purpose and was chosen and allowed to participate in this very amazing transformation that is taking place on Earth.

And so my message to you today, dear ones, is to embrace the joy of the moment continually, to be where you are in each moment of time with as much joy, with as much passion, as is possible. So many of you, I know, are frustrated because you’ve wanted the changes that haven’t come yet, but let me reassure you that those changes are coming, and indeed when they have hit you full force and you are in the midst of all that is to be set in motion due to these changes, you might actually look back fondly and with nostalgia at these times that you felt you were caught in the doldrums and without movement forward because you will see that they indeed were times of rest for your soul.

Reveille is about to be played though, my friends! It will be the wake up call to your new lives and I know so many of you are in grand anticipation of that. I say do be in grand anticipation for it is exciting beyond words as it will be the magical adventure that you’ve been waiting for in so many ways. And yet since you are still here on Earth in human bodies, there will always be challenges, but know that you are prepared to meet them. Know that everything has been leading up to what is to come now as you move forward in this life and in your own experience. Know that you are fully equipped to handle all that is to come and that what is to come is exciting beyond measure. It is what you have always known in your hearts was there for you if you kept on and continued to persevere on your path. You’ve done so well, my beloved ones! We continue to applaud you. There is indeed a rousing standing ovation for each of you. And there is so much more to come!

Enjoy this time, my beloveds. Embrace the new beginning that Solstice always initiates, both within you and in the world around you, and know that this one is indeed a powerful one. Feel the joy! Embrace it and embody it and know that all is well, and that you are dearly, dearly loved. And so it is! Cead Mile Failte and Aloha! ~~~

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