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HEARTS ON FIRE: A Tim and Maureen Message

Hello Everyone!

These continue to be quite the intense times we’re living in. I hope each of you are faring well in riding the energetic roller coaster we’ve been on that is called Life! In my own experience, I’ve felt a bit like a rolling stone since my last blog post in August. Since then I made my final solo 1800 mile road trip from Alberta, Canada back to New Mexico, USA, all the while contemplating how to go about creating an entirely new life for myself. There are both great joys and great challenges in facing a completely blank canvas waiting to be filled with new beginnings.

Years ago I heard it said that we are in the process this lifetime of creating what is entirely new and has never been experienced before, and this requires us to be bold and not just attempt to create a new and improved version of our old lives when it’s time for change but to go for the all new. I have definitely found this to be true for myself. It seems as if, one after another, every familiar door from my past closed tightly behind me. I admit that at first this was quite disconcerting. It often feels downright scary to be flailing around in the dark of the unknown with seemingly nothing solid and familiar to hold onto and no light shining to illuminate the path forward into the new. Yet just after my son Tim died I had a few energetic visits from him that were very comforting for me at the time. I had visions and otherworldly experiences that went along with them. In one that involved brilliant light he told me that we could always keep meeting each other ‘in the Sun.’ I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that but the feeling state was so beautiful that I trusted that I would comprehend it more in time.

2+ years and about 20 lifetimes worth of experiences later, I have found that an all new path IS opening up in front of me and there is light shining on it showing me my way forward. It’s not an outer light that comes from anywhere in this world though. It’s illumination from within that is guiding my heart and my feet forward one step at a time. Sometimes the light that leads me is as bright as the Sun and I’ve come to realize that that occurs when I allow my own consciousness to keep expanding beyond its former self-imposed limitations of what is possible and that’s when the magic really starts to happen.

I’ve been so deeply immersed in my own inner work that I haven’t felt in the place to do much sharing publicly for a while. That shifted when my daughter showed me the photos that I have posted here with this blog sharing as I knew it was time to resume being open about my own experiences for everyone else who is interested in expanding their own consciousness in the ways that turn up that inner light for greater illumination too. These pictures were taken on Halloween or what is known as Samhain in the Celtic tradition of the Turning of the Wheel of the year. My daughter and Tim’s dear friend who has been part of our family for as long as I can remember took Tim’s beloved 4 legged baby Athena with them on a hike to a favorite spot in the Cibola National Forest. Tim loved this place too and we all shared some truly wonderful times together there.

As you are probably already aware, Halloween or Samhain or All Hallows Eve is when the veil between worlds is said to become very thin as the eve of All Souls Day and the ‘Day of the Dead’ honoring deceased loved ones and Ancestors begins. My daughter and Tim’s dear friend each had brought a beer with them which they opened when they arrived at the clearing with the little waterfall in it. They toasted Tim and then they each symbolically poured some of their beer into the ground ‘for him.’ Then they enjoyed this beautiful place and eventually took some pictures with my daughter’s phone. She loves to do yoga poses out in Nature and so a few were snapped of her demonstrating her incredible balance, then she took some of him just enjoying being there and having fun. My daughter noted that Athena was acting very strangely and quite unlike her usual frisky and rambunctious running-around-joyously-everywhere as she always does on a hike doggie-self. My daughter said she was very calm and subdued and it was “like she was meditating” with her unusually quiet behavior. And then they saw what had shown up in some of the photos…this amazing purple/violet light energy that started out looking like an arc similar in shape to a rainbow and then it expanded in size so it looks as if a paintbrush of purple has been stroked across the pictures. Tim was definitely making his presence known through the thinning of the veil and apparently Athena was very aware of it!

As soon as I saw the photos, I knew that they were meant to be shared. So I asked my daughter for permission to do so and then invited Tim to energetically come close to me for an interdimensional visit. He responded with the grand enthusiasm in doing so that was always the hallmark of his enjoyment of the adventures of living that he so regularly participated in while occupying his Tim body here on Earth. When I could feel his energy with me, I started the conversation by asking him how he is. His response was so typically Tim that I had to laugh and it left me with no doubt that I truly was in communication with the same energy that had been my incredible son’s during his 27 years on Earth.

Tim: “I’m great, Mom! I’m so great! I’m having such a fantastic time being alive ‘eternally!’ I know that’s so hard for most humans on Earth to understand, but I know that you get it and I so appreciate that you really can get it. I so appreciate that we came in during this lifetime as mother and son…and before that as father and daughter! You are the best! I know that it’s been such a challenging lifetime for you on the human level. But do you know the strides you’ve made? Do you know the inroads in consciousness, the energetic pathways that you have paved to make it easier for others? You are a warrior of the heart and the light, my dear beloved Mummy!”

“Oh let’s just have some real fun dancing in the light in the now moment together! The portal is open. Your heart is wide open. Your consciousness is open and so is mine, and when we’re in this space with each other, it’s the same space. It’s beyond any separation of dimensions. It’s beyond human limitations. It simply is your consciousness and my consciousness dancing together in this now moment which stretches beyond time and space and across dimensions. We’re meeting here in this now. We’re meeting in the light. I told you when I visited you shortly after I transitioned that we could meet in the Sun and that’s energetically what we’re doing. We are all part of it and its energy. We are all part of the Oneness, part of the Whole, in this amazing experience we’ve all agreed to have and that we’ve all chosen to have.”

He then went on to talk a little about family and friends. The first thing he said was “I want you to wish my ‘brother’ a Happy 30th!” in honor of his friend in these pictures celebrating his 30th birthday. Then he talked about the recent conversation that his sister and I had had about still wanting to keep some of his ashes near us. She had said she felt like she would always want to have some with her to still feel he was sharing special times and places with her as they did when he was alive in body, and to be able to mark those experiences by scattering a tiny bit of his ashes when it seemed to be the appropriate thing to do. I had liked hearing her say that and Tim affirmed that he did too:

“I love her idea of always keeping some of my ashes with her and with you too to be able to disperse them wherever it feels right, to be able to keep me in that way with you always. I am with you always in far more amazing ways than you have any idea of though! Life is a trip! The way you’re feeling today, Mom (which was in a very good mood) has a lot to do with you tuning in to my energy, picking up on the joy, the laughter, the love, the light…it’s why you haven’t been able to stop smiling all morning! And some of it comes too from having had a great experience on the human level last night in human company. That’s uplifting as well. Yet even with the more challenging experiences that occur on the human level, you are always surrounded by those who love you and are always with you, beyond the physical human sharing of experiences. And when you have challenging experiences…or when you are challenged by another’s human behavior and how it affects your life…remember that things aren’t always exactly as they seem or appear on the surface. A lot of choices are made on the soul level that are truly gifts of love, even though they don’t look that way to human eyes. Sometimes souls take on a lifetime not only for the experience they will gain themselves but for the growth it will catalyze in others. You know, there’s no way to get it wrong when you come to live life on Earth as a human. There are no mistakes. There are no wrong choices or decisions. It’s all about the experience!”

“It’s such a great game! It’s really amazing! And I know all of you who are humans, you cry when some player leaves the game, someone you’ve been close to, someone that you love, but it’s never what you think. No one ever leaves the game in quite the way that you think they do. I am here with you, just in different ways than before, and this is true for each and every person who has ‘lost’ a loved one to physical death. (And he went on to name others in my/our shared experience that have lost children of their own and affirmed it was true for each of them too.) They are close, always, while you are still on Earth yourself! And then there is this grand and joyful reunion when the veil dissolves completely with your own physical death and you can embrace the reality of eternal life yourself.”

“And so you asked for me to bring through a message today that you can share with others that will inspire and give hope. Share those pictures! They were meant to be shared! That was my energy coming in close to people I love. It gives you such a glimpse of the grand way that we all do continue to live eternally. Being a human is hard, but it’s also wonderful. Don’t ever put down or belittle the human experience! It’s amazing and there’s very little else like it throughout this Universe. And then when you leave Earth and your life as a human to move on, the ability to choose what to do next from such a ‘smorgasbord' as your friend Abraham would say (referring to the channel Abraham through Esther Hicks) of amazing experiences available is beyond mind boggling. You get out of your mind once you leave your human physical form. The mind is an amazing thing and it is a gift but sometimes you get too caught up in your mind as humans though. It’s finding the balance of mind and heart and spirit that’s important. Let your mind be the servant to your heart and your spirit. This has been said before. I’ll say it again. Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong!”

“And here’s the message to give to my friends, my family and to all those who have come to know me through what you share. Know that this thing called life on Earth really is such an amazing game. Play it with all you’ve got! Play it with passion! Play it with gusto! (laughter) Play it from your heart! And let your mind be in service to your heart.”

“Share those pictures and let everyone know that it’s simply becoming easier to see the visible proof of what people like you, Mom, who are so sensitive to energies have always known. You know when I’m around because you can feel my energy, even if you can’t ‘see’ me. You know when my Dad and the others in non-physical form who come to visit you are near because you can feel them too. A lot of people aren’t as sensitive and also don’t easily trust and accept what they feel like you do. These photos offer some evidence that is more tangible than just a feeling. People are hungry for this kind of ‘proof’ that there is more…proof of life everlasting, life continuing, love continuing, and all of it being completely accessible between the dimensions.”

“Pass on the message to others that what you and I share, Mom, while seemingly so special and unique is available to every person on this planet! It’s simply a matter of opening to it. It’s simply a matter of inviting it in. It’s simply a matter of choosing to see beyond the limitations that people were taught to believe were real. They’re not.”

“There’s so much that is exciting, so much that is still to come because you’re on the threshold of this long awaited dream of an all new way of living that comes with the expansion of consciousness beyond previously perceived limitations for everyone who chooses that for themselves. Give people a glimpse into the bigger picture and show them what’s possible, Mom. Show them that they don’t have to give up the expansiveness of spirit simply because they’ve chosen to play the game of incarnating on Earth as a human. There’s so much more! This is what the ‘New Golden Era’ that’s been talked about so much is all about. It’s about bringing the gifts of the expansiveness of spirit into your life as humans on the planet. It’s happening now and it is exciting!”

Then Tim’s message shifted to the more personal for me as he encouraged me in the direction of self-publishing to get my own work out in the world. And then he talked about Ireland and this led to the wonderful experience of beautiful synchronicity that prompted me to choose “Hearts on Fire” as my title for this blog post. I want to share this magical-for-me experience as an example of the continual presence and the communication beyond words that can take place with our passed on loved ones when we invite it and allow it in. We simply need to always be open to it, trust the ‘reality’ of it, and let the signs and synchronicities that come to us affirm through our hearts that we are indeed being touched by eternal love.

Tim loved his own Irish heritage and Celtic roots and this was both a great deal of fun and a real joy for me to see. If he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt with the name of one of his favorite bands on it, he was usually sporting one with some sort of Irish theme. I still vividly remember with a big smile how righteously indignant he was when I obtained Irish citizenship myself through proving my lineage as a second generation descendent and he found out that this option was not available to him as third generation. He was Irish to the core and so proud of it and just thought this was so unfair! In this energetic conversation we just had, he let me know that he’ll be with me when I do finally make my way ‘across the pond’ to the Emerald Isle that has called so strongly to both of us…whether I bring some of his ashes with me to scatter there in his honor or not! He affirmed for me that we’ve shared a number of lifetimes with each other in Ireland, particularly in the days of the Ancient Celts and Druids where our focus was on assisting people to see beyond the veil of forgetting and illusion that is taken on when we incarnate on this planet. He said we’ll be returning ‘together’ to continue this work in all new ways, to further assist people in their own deeper connection and empowerment ‘as we’ve always done.’ I felt such wonderful resonance with this as it simply feels so true to me. I hadn’t known that losing my ‘baby boy’ in the physical would be part of the way forward for me into this all new way of living, and yet I accept that we had a soul agreement for things to happen as they did so that we could continue the work we began together in other times and other places in greatly expanded ways. He said, “I’m with you always. For you see love cannot be lost or destroyed or disconnected. Your work, your real work, is beginning now and I’m part of it, just as I’ve always been.” The experience that I then went on to have was all the affirmation of that that was necessary for me.

I am a writer. Words are my paintbrush and writing is my art form. I love to express in this way, and writing just for myself has been something I’ve been doing since childhood when I was thrilled to receive my first ‘diary’ one Christmas, complete with miniature lock and key to ensure that whatever I wrote in it was for my eyes only. I’ve been hooked ever since on expressing my joys and sorrows, working through issues, regaining my balance when it’s been lost and basically just helping myself navigate through life by confiding in my closest friend…ME…through the pages of what I now call my journal. It’s the best therapy I know.

I can go through a lot of journals depending on what’s going on in my life. I’ve found a style of journal that I prefer both for looks and functionality, and I was happy when I found that style readily available in a local bookstore I enjoy visiting. I picked up a new one there on my return to New Mexico in September and with all that’s been swirling around in my personal experience of living since then, I have completely filled it already and needed a new one. So off I went the other day to make a quick stop at the book store and I was so disappointed to see that they were completely out of my favorite journal. I really needed a new one though and since I only had a few minutes before I had to be at an appointment, I didn’t have a lot of time to browse through the rest of the journals on display to find one that I liked. I saw one (and only one) with beautiful Celtic artwork on the cover so I grabbed it and headed to the cash register.

Later on at home when I looked at the cover more closely, I was struck by how similar the artwork looked to what was on the Celtic calendar I had given to Tim as one of his gifts that last Christmas he celebrated with us on Earth. That calendar was hanging on the wall in his bedroom when he died and I kept it, for many months leaving it open to August 2013, the marker in time of when my own heart seemed to stop beating too when he forever departed this life. I looked for the calendar in some of the boxes I have things stored in to be able to compare the names of the artists, but it didn’t easily present itself so I went back to looking at the journal instead. That’s when I noticed the words under the cover art written in a lovely Celtic-looking script…”Walk This World With Hearts On Fire.”

Wow! That really was exactly what Tim had been talking about in the conversation we just had with each other. I turned the journal over to see that it was called Celtic Blessings and the artist was Michael Green. I visited his website here to find an incredible collection of amazing art this very gifted, spiritual and inspiring man has created, where I also read that a lot of his work is displayed on calendars. That affirmed for me what I already felt, that it was his art that had graced the pages of the Celtic calendar I had given to Tim that last Christmas. I knew without a doubt that Tim was touching me with love ‘through the veil’ with this synchronicity and that was affirmed even more when I scrolled down the Home page on the website that displays the same ‘Hearts on Fire’ art as on my journal and found “for your enjoyment” a beautiful song to listen to called “Come Close to Me” by Kabir Green that brought tears to my eyes. My heart is still nearly bursting with the love that has come through to me in the knowing of how close to me Tim still is and always will be.

I wanted to share this post in timing with the potent energies that will be pouring onto the planet with the 11/11 gateway that occurs each year on the 11th of November. This year is sure to be a particularly powerful one since it is also the New Moon in Scorpio and therefore the celebration of Lunar Samhain, which is the actual day that this Celtic New Year falls on when calculated according to the ancient 13 month lunar calendar rather than the Gregorian 12 month one where it always coincides with Halloween. Ever since I became aware of the potent gateway energies of the 11/11, it has also made sense to me that the armistice in WWI was signed at 11am on the 11/11 in 1918, and this of course is what is now appropriately celebrated as Veterans Day as well as Remembrance Day and Armistice Day in countries around the world.

In reading articles on the internet about this year’s 11/11, someone (and I’m sorry I don’t remember who) used the analogy of us tapping into the energies of this sacred numerology day in a similar way to how people can tune into and utilize the collective energy that’s built up in churches and other such holy places and can often be tangibly felt in natural power places on the planet when they’re visited. I liked that.

Tim ended our conversation with this: “The 11/11 is an energy portal. It’s a gateway and it can be accessed from within the heart. Encourage others to utilize it, which can be done simply with intention. Samhain is always an amazing gateway and a powerful portal, and you have the added power this year of the New Moon on this 11/11 day to energize this portal and magnify its expansiveness and potency. Encourage others to open to it. I invite everyone who may feel drawn to it to use their connection to me as a gateway and a bridge if they feel that might help them to access those they have loved who have passed on. Samhain is a wonderful holiday. It’s a bit like the best of Thanksgiving rolled up into energy form and you can sit at the etheric table and feast on the love and feast on the light. We are all eternal beings with so many exciting new adventures still to come. Enjoy this life you are living while you’re here! It’s beautiful! And know that all who have been with you and loved you are with you eternally. I am and I always will be!”

Blessings from me to each of you! And may we always find all of the illumination we need for our individual and collective journeys by walking this world with hearts on fire!

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