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Once again I find myself starting a blog post off with…Wow! It’s been a really long time since I shared here! And once again I find myself thinking of John Lennon’s words, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” And what’s that old joke? “If you want to make God laugh, tell God your plans!” These past few years I’ve had to reach total and complete acceptance of the fact that I simply no longer can make plans with any real knowing that they will actually come to fruition and be made manifest in my human reality. It just hasn’t worked that way in my life for a very long time. I trust that there’s a good reason for that in what I call the Bigger Picture. I’ve come to understand that often our soul choices take precedence over our human ones and that’s just the way it is. I get it that I agreed to this and signed up for this before I incarnated in this particular human lifetime I am living. (Though I must admit that I also sometimes wonder…what in heaven’s name was I thinking????!!! lol)

This year of 2018 will mark 5 years since my life changed radically and irrevocably when my youngest child, my son Tim, surprised all of us who loved him by unexpectedly exiting his physical body at age 27. 15 months later my very dear longtime partner Ziggy also checked out from the life he had been living and sharing with me here on Earth. I have lost numerous loved ones over the course of my life so I speak from personal experience when I say that losing someone close to us through physical death likely has the greatest impact that any type of experience can have on our human reality. Losing more than one person within a short period of time greatly magnifies everything that grief and loss require of us on the human level. We end up ultimately having to reinvent and redefine ourselves since the person we previously were in relationship to the loved one(s) no longer part of our physical reality does not exist anymore. So ultimately the journey of grieving a lost loved one is also a journey of metamorphosis since we have to give birth to an all new way of being in the world for ourselves and this requires much internal growth and change. This is the journey that I’ve personally been on these last few years.

As the light at the end of my own long dark tunnel continues to get stronger and brighter, I am finding that I feel very good about the person I have become as a result of my sojourn through the complicated process of grief and its aftermath. My human reality looks nothing like I once thought that it would at this stage of my life and I’ve learned to not only accept that but to enjoy the all new experience of what is, rather than focusing on the unchangeable what isn’t. Instead of fearing the unknown I’ve come to see it as a grand and exciting adventure. My future is a blank canvas and I know that I have an incredible array of a vast spectrum of vibrant colors at my disposal with which to paint my life into an all new creation. I call those colors “potentials” and my paintbrush is my consciousness.

My consciousness has expanded in leaps and bounds over these last years of learning how to live again after such deep loss. And while my human self would have much preferred to have skipped the grief and pain that was the catalyst for so much of that, I know that pain-free living doesn’t always offer the same opportunities.

On the day that my daughter and I had both flown from our separate locations to Corpus Christi where Tim was first hospitalized after having been found collapsed on the ground in the extreme Texas heat and humidity he had been working in all day, we clung tightly to each other in shock and disbelief when we saw him lying completely unresponsive in the coma he never woke up from, his body hooked to a wide array of beeping and blinking machines. How could this be happening to this amazing guy who was so well loved and so full of life and truly the light of our lives? It was extremely surreal. I held it together as long as I could in his ICU room and then took a break to seek out the quiet of the hospital’s chapel. I was grateful that it was empty when I got there and remained that way as I sobbed my heart out in the front pew. And then I felt a presence with me and had the unmistakable feeling of hands being softly placed on my shoulders from behind. There was no one there physically but I recognized the beautiful and very familiar energy of one of my closest and dearest nonphysical friends…the entity known to me in this lifetime as Tobias. I had first “met” him during the bleak winter following my husband’s death at age 38, when I was living in the unfinished “dream house” we had been building together out in the Connecticut woods, single parenting my 3 young children who were deeply grieving the loss of their father. On yet another sleepless night in February after having literally cried out in despair for “anyone out there who can help me,” I had received the inner guidance to open my bible at random and read whatever I opened to. I happened to have a Jerusalem bible that had been gifted to me by the spiritual group I was a part of when my mother had died when I was 16. The Jerusalem bible contains all of the books that were later seemingly arbitrarily removed by the Nicene Council, including the Book of Tobit. At just past 2am on that long winter night I opened to the very first page of that Book of Tobit, which I had never heard of before. It seemed to be more of a story than anything else, all about Tobit, his wife Anna, and their son Tobias. I read the whole thing and found myself feeling calmer and more peaceful than I had in a very long time and I had no idea why this previously unknown to me bible story would affect me that way but it did and I was grateful. Some years later a friend sent me a channel that she thought I might be interested in that she had come across herself. It was a message from a Being called Tobias and I loved it. As I sought out more information on Tobias, I found that the channeler, Geoffrey Hoppe, had had a close connection to him from that lifetime recorded in the Book of Tobit and was said to have been Tobit’s son Tobias then. I could feel my own close connection to this wonderfully benevolent Being and years later in a reading I had with another channel, it was affirmed to me that I had also been a part of that lifetime, and Tobit, now known in channeled form as Tobias, and I knew and loved each other well, then and now. Tobias has continued to be one of my own frequent interdimensional visitors through the years and I truly love our connection to each other.

So on that incredibly painful and challenging August day, the 8/8 Lions Gate, as I cried alone in the Corpus Christi chapel, feeling Tobias’s energy with me was very welcome, even if I didn’t want to hear the message he was clearly communicating to me. What he said ever so gently as I felt the pressure of those unseen hands on my shoulders was “You know you both agreed to this.” I knew he was referring to me and Tim having made an agreement on the soul level to experience exactly what was happening right now during this lifetime. And while I certainly did not want to hear it at that moment in time, I knew it had to be true even if I didn’t understand then why we would have agreed to something like this. Tim had been like a ray of sunshine to just about everyone who encountered him since his dramatic entry into the world when he had nearly died due to the umbilical cord being tightly wrapped around his neck and the fetal distress that had caused. My husband’s eyebrows literally turned white on the day of Tim’s birth since he inadvertently had witnessed the medical team’s desperate attempts to resuscitate the limp and blue newborn they had whisked away to the neonatal intensive care unit so fast that I had to ask if the baby I had just given birth to was a boy or a girl. As soon as it was noticed that the baby’s dad was witnessing the extreme measures being taken to get his newly born son to breathe, the curtain was pulled tightly closed, but not before Tim’s stressful arrival was marked forever on his dad’s previously dark eyebrows.

Fortunately Tim amazed the NICU staff with how quickly he bounced back from his near fatal arrival onto Planet Earth. 4 hours after his precipitous delivery, a smiling nurse wheeled his bassinet into my room and handed me Tim for our first connection with each other outside of my womb. As she did so, the Country Western Christmas special airing on the only television channel with reception in my hospital room had just finished playing a religious song I had never heard before that touched me. The chorus was stuck in my head and still plays there sometimes all these years later, always reminding me of Tim’s birth. It went “The Father gave the Son, the Son gave the Spirit, the Spirit gives us life that we can give the gift of love. And the gift goes on, the gift goes on…”

Tim’s life was a gift of love to me and so many others and I knew that from the first moment I was given him to hold in that hospital room. He was 4 years old when his dad died and I began my journey as a single mother, which was often a very challenging path to walk, and yet Tim, “the baby,” was so often a source of love, joy and laughter that lit my way through the darkness. He was so giving and was constantly surprising me with childish bouquets of handpicked wild flowers or pictures drawn especially for me to show how much he loved me. For years he kept up the tradition he had enjoyed sharing with his dad of making me breakfast in bed on my birthday and Mother’s Day and it often brought tears to my eyes. Once he was old enough to get an allowance he often spent it on buying me little gifts, and as I said to my daughter after his passing, he so frequently gave me angels throughout his years on Earth, in all different shapes and forms from candles to little jewelry boxes to planters for my gardening. Thinking back on it since his physical death, I’ve had to ponder whether some part of him always knew he would be leaving his human life as Tim earlier than most others do and he wanted to plant that seed of heavenly connection between us in preparation. I still have the little round plastic container with the beautifully embossed logo on the lid sitting on my dresser that once held fragrant lotion that was part of the “Heavenly Love” bath collection he gave me for Christmas one year. It now holds a collection of baby teeth from all 3 of my children’s early years as well as some other prized mementos of special moments.

Tim was pretty much fearless and lived his life with so much sheer joy and absolutely grand gusto. As I’ve said to numerous people since his passing, he packed more living into those short 27 years than most people ever do who live 3 times as long. I used to joke that my premature grey hairs all had Tim’s name on them as his own fearlessness was often a catalyst for worry among those of us who loved him and lived with considerably less wild abandon than he did. My daughter loved her younger brother, who was also her best friend, so very deeply and would frequently share her worries with me about him doing things like driving alone in snowstorms on dangerous roads to go snowboarding by himself when no friends were able to accompany him. (Once on his way back from a day in Santa Fe that we had both warned him he shouldn’t drive to because of the dicey road conditions, which he ignored, he called his sister on his way home in the dark driving south on I-25 telling her excitedly that he had just passed a bad accident in which one of the cars involved was on fire. She politely requested that he hang up and focus on his own driving and tell her about it when he was home safe. lol) In one of our tearful conversations after his passing, she told me that she thinks a part of her also always knew that he was going to check out early since she was always worried about something happening to him. We both laughed through our tears at how ironic it was that he left via a heatstroke suffered at the end of a full day of work rather than through one of his daredevil adventures.

And that’s pretty much the crux of my sharing here. It appears to me that on some level beyond his conscious human awareness, Tim always knew he wasn’t here on Earth in this lifetime for a long duration. That’s why he embraced life as much as he did and packed as much into his as he possibly was able to, sharing the joy of it with as many people as he could along the way. He was extremely well loved and his physical presence is extremely well missed…by me, his sister and brother, and everyone else he touched along the way of his life’s journey. And while as his mother I have quite understandably had to walk the very painful path of grief over his seemingly very premature departure, I also have had to acknowledge that what my nonphysical friend Tobias said to me in the chapel in Corpus Christi is true. On the soul level, we both knew he wasn’t going to live a long lifetime, and even with that knowing, we both also agreed to share this lifetime with each other, not just in spite of this but because of it. As souls we both knew about his early leaving and our love for each other was so great that we decided it would still be worth it to share this human experience because we could see with our beyond human eyes how many people would be touched by Tim’s living, loving, and dying, and many of those would be people who never met him in person but have simply encountered the bigness of his Being through my writing and sharing.

“And the gift goes on, the gift goes on…”

And so it does! As I’ve finally begun to emerge from that long dark tunnel of grief I’ve been in since Tim’s transition out of his body, the gift of his life and death becomes clearer and clearer to me. It’s all about the joy of truly, deeply and viscerally comprehending that love is eternal and never ever ends, no matter what realm or dimension one’s consciousness and energy may be occupying.

It took me a full year to be in the place to be able to put a headstone up on my husband’s grave after he died. To say that I was overwhelmed being his 34 year old widow and now the single mom to our children who were just 9, 7 and 4 years old when he transitioned would be quite the understatement. There were so many different and often conflicting feelings I had to navigate my way through before I was in the place to truly be able to honor who he was in life and what he had meant to so many of us who loved him so very much (just like with Tim!). After much pondering and inner reflection, I finally settled on the simple epitaph “Love is Eternal.” All these years later I know it was an inspired choice and definitely the right one.

I have fallen more and more deeply in love with my husband, Dickie, and also with my partner, Ziggy, since they each passed out of this physical life and into the realm of spirit. They each connect with me and visit with me often, in their own uniquely beautiful ways. We laugh together frequently and I continue to be absolutely thrilled when they each find ways to show me how much they love me and continue to be quite present with me in my human reality, even while no longer being in human form themselves. And Tim? Suffice it to say that I am constantly blown away by how continually present he is and how my joy in our love for each other keeps exponentially expanding more and more and more. His sense of humor remains fully intact and I swear that he absolutely delights in coming through to me in ways that often precipitate side splitting laughter. One case in point is an anecdote I recently shared on Facebook about how it seems that one of the most common ways for our departed loved ones to continue to interact with us is by manipulating electricity. Tim has done this numerous times and in multiple ways since his passing and the more I’ve become aware that it is him connecting with me in this way, the more it occurs. Last fall I was texting with his sister about the decline in health of a philodendron plant that had been Tim’s and which ended up with her for the past few years after I headed to Canada for my last summer there with Ziggy. She wanted to give it back to me to care for since it wasn’t looking good and she said she’d feel terrible if it died while in her care. I didn’t want her to feel bad about it so I said that I was sure that wherever Tim was, he really didn’t care anymore about a plant. I then reached over to switch on my bedside lamp in the growing dusk, a little lamp in the shape of an elephant that Tim had given me one Christmas after my last return from South Africa, and the light bulb instantly blew. I burst out laughing and had to text my daughter back and tell her that apparently Tim does still care about the plant so to bring it over the next time she visited. She thought it was hilariously funny too. The plant is now back to robust health and thriving and I even was able to root a cutting and give her a new baby philodendron from Tim’s plant for Christmas.

And the gift goes on, the gift goes on!

And now I’ll share one last story about my exploration of this new frontier of expanded consciousness and interdimensional connecting before I touch on Imbolc and dear Brigid’s latest message in closing this lengthy post. (I’m obviously warming up to get back to writing the book that got abandoned by the wayside for a while!) In my transition from my old life with Ziggy to my new solo life, I’ve been living in an apartment in Albuquerque. Apartment living is definitely not my favorite or preferred cup of tea, but it has served its purpose as far as me being able to be close to my daughter and older son as we’ve all had to grieve and adjust to life without our beloved Tim. One Saturday afternoon this past fall while I was at home in my apartment, I was feeling particularly spacey, which is often the prelude for me to interdimensional visiting.

One of the positives of this particular large apartment complex I’m living in is that it’s situated on 37 beautifully landscaped acres of grounds full of both deciduous and evergreen trees. It’s pet-friendly and so there are always people out walking around with their dogs. I frequently take my neighbor’s dear old 4 legged friend Mac (short for McLovin’ :-) ) out when I’m home while he’s working and I enjoy it immensely. Since my bedroom window faces west and gets the afternoon sun, I often enjoy the view from there. On this particular afternoon in October the many deciduous trees I have a view of from my window were just nearing their peak of autumn color and I was completely captivated by their gorgeous and glorious beauty. I pulled a chair over and put my feet up on the windowsill and proceeded to simply bask in my enjoyment. Since there’s also a parking lot beneath my window, I noticed that as people were getting in and out of their cars many were looking up at me as I sat looking out. I’m aware that I’m an anomaly as far as apartment living goes as most people keep their blinds tightly closed at all times so my open to the sunshine all day windows are not the norm to begin with. My actually sitting in front of the large window and gazing out on the view obviously took things one step farther. After a number of strange stares up at me I started laughing, thinking to myself how my neighbors must think I’m a pretty weird old lady to be sitting in the window watching the leaves change color and the world go by. As I sat there laughing to myself I suddenly heard in what was distinctly my husband Dickie’s laughing voice…”Old Mrs. Quinn!!! Old Mrs. Quinn, that crazy old lady, is sitting in the window watching everyone as they go by!” There was a tone of such laughter in his voice that made me very aware that he was joking and he then proceeded to tell me that I am one of the most young-in-spirit people who lives on this planet which was what made my line of thinking so funny to him.

Soon I had Tim joining in as well. He also found the “Old Mrs. Quinn” moniker hysterically funny and his comments had me laughing out loud…in a room that I was physically alone in. lol Often when I am sliding through the dimensions interacting with those who are nonphysical, it feels like I’m stoned even though I haven’t indulged in smoking anything herbal. I shared with my company that that was how I was feeling and that was the springboard for one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.

Dickie reminded me of one of my best memories from our marriage that took place BC (Before Children!), an afternoon when we were driving back to Connecticut from one of our many trips to a place we both loved so much, Acadia National Park in Maine. We had a reservation to spend the night at the Peg Leg Inn in the beautiful little town of Rockport, Massachusetts, right near Gloucester and its famous statue of a New England fisherman. We both loved the ocean so much but neither of us were big fans of highly populated beaches so we were always on the lookout for places where we could enjoy the water together with no one else around. As we were heading into Rockport, I noticed that there was a huge cemetery right next to the road and I realized that it had to back up to the ocean. I pointed this out to Dickie and we both agreed it was worth checking out to see if we could find a spot where we could enjoy the Atlantic without other people around. We were successful in our quest and soon had discarded our shoes and rolled up our jeans to wade out to some huge boulders just offshore where we climbed up and sprawled out to enjoy the sunshine on our shoulders that, as John Denver sang, was definitely making us happy.

We also decided to enjoy some of the aforementioned herb as well. The combination of factors made that afternoon one of the best of my entire life and I still look back on it and smile broadly with the memory. Dickie was/is definitely a soulmate of mine and as such we could talk and laugh together nonstop for hours and we certainly did that day. We were completely in the present moment, relaxed and enjoying ourselves in one of our most favorite places in Nature (Dickie’s self-proclaimed “church”), the ocean, and since we were just a few minutes away from the Peg Leg and had a reservation, there was no hurry to move. So we didn’t, for hours.

Finally we realized we were getting hungry and the sun was beginning to set so we contemplated shifting gears and getting ourselves back to shore. Thus was birthed the question that would be a humorous touchstone for us for the rest of our time together in the physical. “Is the tide going out or is it coming in?!”

Neither of us had been paying attention since we were having so much fun. And neither of us was sure. But I thought that the water level beneath the boulders looked higher than when we first got there so I said I thought it was coming in. Dickie on the other hand was convinced that it was going out. We were pretty much doubled over with laughter as we debated the situation. As I became more and more convinced that it was coming in, I said he could sit there and contemplate it as long as he wanted to but I was heading back to shore before the tide got any higher. Stubborn Taurus that he was, he took his time thinking about it. And I couldn’t stop laughing when I reached the shore nicely dry and he eventually rocked up on it himself with his pants legs soaking wet a while later. With a charmingly sheepish grin he admitted that it looked like I had been right after all.

Yes indeed, that is one of my most priceless and cherished memories of my time with one-of-a-kind and most amazingly wonderful Dickie. As I’ve said, Tim was just 4 years old when Dickie passed on, though in spite of the short time they had on Earth together, they adored each other and were very close. I was working as a school nurse at our small town’s middle school the year before Dickie’s transition, and being a self-employed plumber, he would pick Tim up after his morning at preschool and bring him down to his parents’ house a couple of towns away for the afternoon, bringing him home with him when he finished his day. My older 2 kids in elementary school would take the bus to the middle school and meet me there at the end of my own work day. Tim loved to make his older siblings jealous by flaunting to them things like “Daddy bought me chocolate milk today…and PopPop gave me coffee cake!” lol (The battle against dairy and sugar began early at our house!)

Tim loved his father and missed him so much after his death that I have often wondered to myself how much of a part that played in Tim’s own early departure. They also each have let me know in our interdimensional visits how much fun they are having sharing experiences with each other now that they’re both in the nonphysical realms. So it didn’t surprise me that they showed up together to visit me on that beautiful October afternoon, but what happened next absolutely astounded me. As Dickie reminded me of that golden afternoon spent on the rocks in the ocean off the shore of that Rockport cemetery, I felt myself transported there via my consciousness and the altered state that I was in. Dickie was there with me in the form of his young and handsome and laughing self, and then I realized that Tim, who wasn’t even “a gleam in his father’s eye” at the time Dickie and I had that experience since he was #3 in the birth order, was there too in the form of his own young and handsome and laughing self which was just how he looked at the time he departed Earth. And that’s where the real magic began as for the rest of the afternoon while I was physically alone in my Albuquerque bedroom, I was sharing an absolutely amazing time with both Dickie and Tim sitting on those boulders in the sunshine off the coast of Rockport, Massachusetts. We talked and we laughed and we basked in each other’s company and the exquisitely beautiful setting just as Dickie and I had done all those years ago. And it was every bit as real to me as that experience was way back then.

Ahhh, the magic of accessing our multidimensional Selves and allowing ourselves the joy of experiencing that! It is absolutely amazing!!!

So now I do understand why Tim and I would have “agreed to this” on the soul level as Tobias reminded me in the Corpus Christi hospital chapel on that monumental Lions Gate day of 2013. We agreed to this because there is so much more to share than “just” human experiences with each other. I know we’ve done that countless times because we are so close on the soul level and we delight in sharing our experiences with each other, taking on so many different and diverse roles with each other as we do, and we always do so with such immense and truly unfathomable love. Now we are exploring brand new territory, sharing interdimensional experiences with each other while I’m here in body and he’s left his behind…and let me tell you, it’s a real trip! lol And we couldn’t have been these pioneers of consciousness together if he had stayed here in his physical body so now I understand more and more why he left it so soon and I agreed to the experience of being the loving and loved mother he left behind. Because I know now that none of us are ever “left behind” when we’re talking about love since it truly is eternal.

Another of my favorite Beings, Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks, talks about the “cooperative components of the Universe” coming together to support us in our creation experiences as we allow that to happen. I now understand that all of those many loved ones of mine who departed this Earth before me are “cooperative components” to my own experience of doing what Jim Morrison and The Doors used to sing about doing…”Break on through to the Other Side!”

There is no “Veil” between worlds and dimensions to break through except for our own limited and programmed to be closed consciousness. When we open our consciousness, when we invite it and allow it, we can all easily “Break on through to the Other Side.” I encourage you to try it. The experiences can truly be beyond anything you have ever imagined and incredibly magical and profound!

I’m finishing writing this long post (after many long pauses since I began it!) on January 31, 2018 amidst the very potent energies of today’s Super Full Blue Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo. I was blessed to have a clear view of the eclipse when it occurred here in New Mexico early this morning and since then I’ve been feeling the impact of those Light Code gifts from it that are upgrading our very DNA. Tomorrow, February 1st, is the cross quarter day of Imbolc in the celestial “Turning of the Wheel” of the year in Celtic tradition. It is the midway point between the December Solstice and the March Equinox and it is also my dear nonphysical friend Brigid the ancient Celtic Goddess’s celebration day. I love Imbolc as its symbolism is of “The Returning of the Light” since we are now past the darkest and shortest days of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere and the days are becoming longer and more light-filled. For me personally the Returning of the Light is very symbolic as well since I finally do feel that the Light is returning to my life after years of dancing with the darkness of grief and loss on the human level. I recognize now that I truly haven’t “lost” anyone. Only the form of those I love has changed. Their essence is and always will be the same recognizable energy to me…and I will choose essence over form every time. Form will always shift and change and eventually die. Essence is constant and eternal.

Brigid and I shared an interdimensional visit recently. She said in her message that she was coming through as the “spokes-entity” for the Divine Feminine, saying that it’s also the energy of those other Divine Feminine representatives that I’m personally familiar with, like Our Lady of Guadalupe (my own “patron saint” in the Catholic tradition I was raised in since I was born on her 12/12 feast day) and Celestial Mary of the Stars and Wild Celtic Mary, all of whom have “spoken” through my voice, as well as the aspects of the Divine Feminine found in all of the other sacred traditions around the world. I can tell you it is truly a beautiful energy that comes in, often accompanied by the fragrance of roses (in the tradition of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the “miracle of the roses” that she performed during a cold December with the devout Juan Diego of Mexico several hundred years ago).

This is the message of the Divine Feminine as given to me by Brigid:

“Many see these times on your Earth as challenging, yet that is only in appearance. Chaos always precedes change. This is a time for returning to roots. It is a time for spreading the message that the fate of the world rests on each of you individually. As your much loved musician Neil Diamond sang, it is time to turn on your heart lights! It is a time to spread the love and spread the light. That is the greatest way to honor its “return.” You each do this in your own way by being true to yourselves. You each do this in your own way by living authentic lives. Each of you has different and unique gifts and it is meant to be this way. There is no competition on the spirit level, ever, and you are encouraged not to compete with each other in the area of your personal gifts and talents on the human level either. Each of you is encouraged to shine your light by doing what makes your own heart sing, and this is different for each of you. For some it is singing or playing music, for some it is creating music or art. For some it is painting pictures with words, as this one who gives voice to our energies does. For each of you it is time to step into your passion and your Mastery. It is time to utilize your individual gifts with love for that is what can and will change your world if you freely share your gifts from your beautiful hearts.

Imbolc is the celebration of the returning of the light as winter’s dark begins to recede here in the Northern Hemisphere. Symbolically, each of you is a part of the returning of the light to your planet, whichever hemisphere you may be residing in. This light is not going to be gifted to your planet from without. It is going to be turned on from within. Each of you must turn on your light. Our Lady of Guadalupe’s message is that all of you have the ability to have roses in December through choosing love and choosing light in your individual experiences. Celestial Mary of the Stars encourages you to follow the light energy of the stars. Allow that light to guide you in your lives. Wild Celtic Mary encourages you to live your passion! I, Brigid, will tell you that there are so many gifts to be had in following the celestial cycles, and my own message is simply to return to the light within. Keep those hearth fires of your hearts burning!

It is time. It is time to shine your light boldly. It is time to shine your light brightly. It is time to share your gifts and let your voice be strong. Let your voice be strong in whichever direction you are called to speak, to shine, to share. It is time to take back your world from those who have usurped the voice of the collective, from those who have sought to control through fear, from those who have turned away from the light within themselves. It is not a time to judge or condemn. It is simply a time to become autonomous in your own shining of the light, in your own sharing of it, and through your autonomy, through your living authentic lives, you will impact others. You will influence others. This is the way that the light will continue to become stronger and brighter throughout your world. It has a ripple effect, like the pebble thrown in the pond.

Encourage others to turn on their lights. Encourage others to encourage themselves and then to in turn encourage others as well. And from that place of authentic living, keep encouraging others in love by shining your own light.

Everything is shifting in this new energy world. Things are never going to be the same and this is a positive thing. This is the time that you have been awaiting and you are indeed the Ones you have been waiting for. Honor the Ancestors, but know that it isn’t the Ancestors who are going to save your world. It is the wisdom of the Ancestors that resides within you since each of you has been one of those Ancestors. Know that it is time to wake up, to share your gifts, to shine your light, and by being that bright candle in the dark, thousands and thousands of others can light their own candles from the flame of yours! Each of you can spread the light!

It is time to step forward boldly, courageously, forthrightly, and in joy! That is the message. Share the love and share the light! You are each blessed beyond measure! Now go out and share the blessings!

You are so dearly, dearly loved! And so it is! Aloha!”

Wishing each of you a beautiful celebration of the returning of the Light in your own lives! Love to each and every one of you from Old Mrs. Quinn! :-)

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