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Brigid: Rekindling Passion & Mother Earth

The intense times and energies that seem to have become the norm continue. After the June solstice and subsequent lunar eclipse, Brigid, the Celtic goddess who is one of my favorite nonphysical friends to converse with, paid a visit and had some inspirational and uplifting things to say about the recent events on Earth…in particular the Gulf Oil Spill. While it is so very easy to become bogged down in the heaviness of some of what is occurring on our planet, it is always a good reminder to hear that we do not have to accept things as they appear to our human eyes and that we do have the power to create anew and change what is. May we all begin to do this, both in our personal lives and our collective experience!

~ ~ ~June 27, 2010

Brigid: Cead Mille Faite (‘one hundred thousand welcomes’ in Gaelic), Beloved Ones. It is I Brigid coming in to greet you today, to speak with you, to share some perspective on this most recent turning of the wheel you have gone through during this past week. Merlin has held open the door for you. It is cemented open in place now with the lunar eclipse of yesterday. What these energies have done is ensure that the door cannot close behind you. Now, not all will walk through this door. Not all will take advantage of this opportunity, and indeed the ones who are unaware that this opportunity is even available will find that there are many trials and tribulations to be experienced in the world of what you call 3D living, for it is a time of intensity upon this planet. And yet it is meant to be so for it is only with the intense energies that you are able to give birth to the new that you have been desiring to push into manifestation for such a long period of time.

I would speak to those of you who are aware of what a long journey it has been, who are aware that there has been purpose in all that has transpired since your own lives changed drastically from what they had been in earlier years. So many of you have gone through the cathartic cleansing of the old. So many of you still are waiting to see what comes into view with the new that is ready to burst forth into manifestation in your lives. It has been a long wait. But those of you who are ready need to understand how malleable the energies of this upcoming cycle, this cycle you have just entered between this June solstice and the September equinox, truly are. The energy is here for you to mold. It is here for you to create with.

I am aware that many of you have lost some of your urge and your passion to create because you have seemed to get nowhere in the past with what you had truly believed you would be able to bring into manifestation. Many of you have gotten discouraged. Many have given up. And yet it is a time now to rekindle your dreams, your desires, your passions and to know that not only is there hope for bringing these into a real and tangible form in manifestation, but it is an accomplished fact. It is a done deal if you will but renew your own purpose and desire in creating in the now. The heavens are aligning and lining up to assist you, and more of this energy will be pouring in during your month of July. You have many days of power that will be assisting you. It is important to take advantage of what is lining up for you.

I would speak for a moment on your focus and would encourage each of you to remember that the most important focus will always be on that hearth fire as I have called it previously within your own heart. Those are the flames of passion that will lead you into the best possible creating and manifesting for where each of you is. It is your north star, it is your guiding light to flow the feeling state of heart. I come in to remind you of this today and encourage you not to forget that this is where the only guide book you will ever need is to be found.

Now I have not taken questions in quite a long time. It feels appropriate to do so today. Do you have questions that you would like to put to me during our time together?

Participant: Much of the focus in our world recently has been on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Do you have some perspective on that that you would like to share with us please?

Brigid: From your human perspective it is a tragedy of massive proportions, but I will give you a perspective a bit beyond this. There are very few people on the planet whose heads are so far into the sand that they are not aware of what an ecological disaster this truly is. Those of you who have the ability to see beyond merely the human perspective may open to an understanding that there is more at play here than simply what is seen through 3D eyes. It is time for massive change upon the planet, and this incident that has resulted in the spewing of all of this oil into your Atlantic Ocean is going to be the most major catalyst for change on your planet that you have seen in many, many, many years of time, in lifetimes of time. For eventually this will indeed affect every country on the planet. It will affect every person living on the planet. Yet how you choose to respond will be the deciding factor. It is a time for those of you who are aware of your own Divine humanness, who are aware of your divinity, the power of God that is contained within you, it is the time for you to step up to the plate you might say in your vernacular. It is the time to not retreat into panic and fear and blame as so many in the masses are doing, for this is a collective creation. Some have agreed to play the role of those who may be said to be responsible, but be aware that there are no accidents in the bigger picture sense. And those in the position of power and decision making that are at the forefront of the…in some ways, witch hunt…to find who is to blame are simply representations of a consciousness upon the planet that needs to change. This is the consciousness that is personified by those who perhaps are unaware that they are neglecting the environment, perhaps are unaware of the interconnectedness of all life and do not pay attention to this in their everyday living. This has all contributed to the collective energy that created this occurrence.

During the time of your 9/11 when there were what were considered to be acts of terrorism, attacks upon innocent people, a public broadcasting radio interview asked each person listening to look at where within themselves they might be harboring a terrorist, for again it was a collective act of consciousness. And sometimes it is that consciousness that is neglected and in the dark goes along with the masses. 9/11 was a wake up call for your planet, not just those in the United States. This Gulf oil spill is quite the wake up call for your planet as well. There is a trickle down effect when an event such as this occurs. And this is asking that each person start to treat the environment and treat the interconnectedness of life on this planet with a sacred respect that has been lacking in so many. This is why this event was allowed to happen, because there have not been more people who have championed the sacredness of the Earth and her ability to be the provider of sustenance and life to all those who live upon her. It has been disregarded. Now there will be…there is…a price to pay for this as many are going to feel for quite some time to come. And yet those of you whose light shines brightest, those of you who are aware of the sacredness of life…what has has been called the Sacred Hoop, which I call the Sacred Wheel that turns that all are a part of…those of you have the power to mitigate some of these extenuating circumstances of such dire impact on so much life.

Now be aware, as it has been said to you previously with the whales and the other cetaceans on the planet who are choosing to leave, that nothing happens by accident. There is a collective agreement that allows something such as this to occur and by collective agreement those of you who are aware of the many layers of the bigger picture…you do indeed have the ability to cleanse what has been polluted. You have the ability through consciousness to turn the tide you might say of what has occurred. And so while this is an extremely huge catastrophe on the level of humanness, it also is one of the greatest potentials that has ever been presented to those on your planet for stepping into your full power as creators. And this will be an opportunity that continues to present itself for quite a while of time still to come. But you will find that there will be more and more who choose to move beyond the mass consciousness fear and hysteria and move into the knowingness that especially with collective awareness, collective consciousness of light and love, this does not have to remain a catastrophe of such epic proportions as it appears at this stage in time. It can be a portal into the creation of the new if it is chosen by enough people.

Does this answer your question?

Participant: Yes it does! I appreciate the perspective. I have felt all along that this was something that has lots of multiple levels associated with it. I do appreciate the perspective because I have studied as part of my career, system failures, and this is probably one of the most classic ones you could ever come up with and I’m sure they’re going to write books about the system failure of this one.

Brigid: For many years to come.

Participant: Yes, because it’s classic. It’s right down to the little fine print in the thing. They did everything wrong and the system wasn’t one person, it wasn’t one company, it wasn’t…you know you can’t finger one person. It was a system failure.

Brigid: It is a collective act and this is where most of the masses are not yet in the place to be able to see and understand this. Those who are, oh, the fishermen, those who live along the Gulf Coast…they are not victims. It was part of their own consciousness that contributed to what occurred. And you will find that many are speaking of this now, many of what you call the channels are bringing messages through on this now. It is important to use discernment with everything that you take in. As always, use discernment with whatever I speak to you. Check with yourself. Does it resonate in your heart? Or not? Take what you like and leave the rest.

Participant: Stand behind the short wall.

Brigid: Yes. One of Maureen’s favorite sayings is ‘Take what you like and leave the rest.’ And stand behind the short wall is indeed a good perspective of a bit of detachment from outcome.

Participant: As long as the oil doesn’t spill over the short wall! (laughter)

Brigid: I will say there are times when action is a necessity. But, it must come from, for those of you who are expanding your consciousness as you are, it must come from a place of first having been able to stand in detachment behind the short wall, to observe, to know that nothing truly does happen by accident, that there is always a bigger picture at play. There have been a few channels recently that have truly put forth many doom and gloom scenarios that are 3D human potentials with this oil spill, but remember you are more than simply human…all of you. You are more than humans. You are the spark of God. You contain this spark of God within yourselves. You are the divine creators and you have the ability and the power to re-create what has been. You have the ability and the power to change the outcome of what is at play. You must be aware that with these intense energies that are upon you that truly are going to be far easier to deal with for those of you who have been on this journey for a while and as has been said, have done your work, have done your clearing, have done your releasing, have moved yourselves into the pure place of now, those of you, if you can indeed align in purpose and intent, you can heal this. You can clear this. It will not be instantaneous because of the many who are not in this place but be aware that you do not have to accept any of the doom and gloom scenarios that are put in front of you.

Participant: Of course. I recently had a conversation in which I said that I know we have the ability to be able to clean it up and to have it be fine. However in order to be able to do that, there’s some other things that need to go on and that is if the oil companies knew they’d have carte blanche to go ahead and continue to drill and pollute the environment because people would come in and clean it up, then what’s the point? And so that’s why I see it having multiple levels…different kinds of energy sources including ones that are free that don’t require you to expend funds and our system has been basically on the money crank and so if everyone had a perpetual motion machine in their homes, they wouldn’t need to pay the electric company or the oil company or…you know. And so I see it as a way for lots of people to wake up and take some time. I believe that we can heal the damage. I know that I personally have had some visions and dreams about cleaning up some of the nuclear waste on the planet with a group consciousness.

Brigid: This is what Dr. Emoto has begun with the ability to clean up water through consciousness.

Participant: But what’s the point if consciousness...the masses…continue to pollute it? I mean…

Brigid: But you must be aware that you can reach that ‘hundredth monkey’…that you can reach the saturation level that marks the turning point for humanity…and mark my words, this incident will be the greatest impetus for a shift in consciousness by the masses that you have seen in a very long time. And those of you who are aware know that there is so much more at play here than simply the interests of big oil companies and their profits and the government that has tacitly allowed the pillaging of Mother Earth, of your planet, who so lovingly gives what is required to sustain life. It is time for a shift in that and this is what it has taken for your planet to reach the point of awareness that it is necessary that this shift come about.

Now there is still much that is happening in the arena of those who are awake, alert, and aware. You have series of books such as these Anastasia books, the Ringing Cedars books, that bring one back to the idea of truly living in harmony with Nature. More and more people are not just becoming aware that this is a direction that needs to be gone in on this planet, but more and more are becoming desirous of living this particular kind of lifestyle.

Let me speak to those of you who are physically sitting here today in an environment that you love, that you bless, that is so nurtured, that is so honored and so respected. From this little bit of Paradise as you call it, you send forth so much light by your interaction with the land and what the land sustains here that it has the power to affect many, many people in a way that they will never even be consciously aware of. And so as more and more people choose to live a lifestyle of harmony with this beautiful Earth Mother, it will have a spillover effect on those who are unconscious and unaware. And this will be part of the massive shifting that takes place. While those of you already living in harmony with the Earth may not be consciously aware of what was seeded into you and seeded into the Earth you live on and interact with on the solstice, I will say that it will have far reaching effects as you move forward into your new creating and your manifesting.

I would like to impart to you today the importance of nurturing the hearth within Self that is your truest deepest home and connection to home for you are limitless eternal beings and in some ways it is…oh in some ways it gives a chuckle to those of us who are aware of how vast home actually is for those of you who have experienced the energy of your soul in so many different places here on Earth, yes, but also on so many different realms…the stars, the planets, the galaxies. Milky Way is only one galaxy, as you know. You are part of every atom and molecule of All That Is. And so nurture your heart space. Stoke the home fires within your heart, wherever you are. I know that the idea of home is so important to so many of you and with these massive shake ups that have been occurring, many are finding that the seeming security of what was in the past known as home appears to be threatened. Things are shifting. Things are changing. But let me say it is as it should be. It is as it needs to be for the birthing of what you are creating anew. And I very much look forward to coming back to visit in September at your equinox to discuss with you the magnitude of the changes that have come about in this cycle of your turning of the wheel that you are currently in. And I look forward even more to coming back at your December solstice, for as has been said, so much will be different by then.

I would simply encourage you to trust that you cannot fail, to follow the guidance of your heart, to call upon your divinity in your creatorship and know that it is a joyful time for you even if it is an unknown time. You are embarking shortly upon experiences that will change you on many different levels of your being, and this is as it is meant to be. This is as you have set it up because remember you are the creator of your own experience.

Soon things will make more sense to you as to why they have occurred as they have, and many will find that as you move forward into this time of greater and greater illumination…for those of you who are receptive to the light and to deeper understanding…that many of you will view your life from…mmm what do you say? Hindsight is 20/20? Many of you will find that what confounded you, what frustrated you, what felt like it might break you at periods of time in your recent past…you will find that you understand why things have occurred this way because of what you are stepping into, and that for many of you this seemingly very rocky path has been the one that takes you directly to the summit where everything opens up before you. Indeed like a view of Shangri-la! Oh and some will come back and say to me it did not turn out exactly the way you said it would, dear Brigid! (laughter) I’m not telling you anything as far as how things may look for you except that you are in the golden position now of truly having the ability to make your wildest dreams come true. Now this will only happen for those of you who have the courage to dream wild dreams and to give yourself permission to allow that you can make them come true! Now is the time you have been waiting for. This has been said to you. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for, but now is the time you have been awaiting. There will be much continued chaos in the world, but you do not have to participate in it. You do not have to let it affect you. Many of you have become and are becoming very good at living in the world of your own creating. And this is what I encourage you to continue to do. You are part of the co-creating of what is occurring on planet Earth. The more of you who are able to resist the pull of mass consciousness and its fear and hysteria, the more likely it is that miraculous resolutions may come about for some of the seeming catastrophes that you are dealing with now and that you will be dealing with more of in the future on the 3D human level. But this is the bridging time. This is the time for those of you who chose to be the wayshowers for the masses. This is what you came here for, to bridge the way, from the way life has always been to creating life the way you know it can be. You are doing a fine job and I am applauding you and I am loving you deeply. I wish you to take that love into your heart, into the hearth of your heart. Be aware that I am a champion of your ability to move forward in your creating of this Golden Age, Golden Era that has been promised to you…that you are in the birth pangs of in the now. Do not lose sight of that. Laboring women know that when they are able to focus on the outcome of their labor…the new life they are bringing forth…it makes the labor far easier and far less painful when their focus remains on the joy of what is being born. This is what I encourage those of you who are participating in this birth process now to focus on. The Golden Era is very much within your reach and within your touch. You all have been creating this in consciousness these many years you have been on this ascension journey. It is coming to fruition. Do not lose hope. Keep your faith in your own knowing that you have the ability and all the power you need to smoothly move in to this new creation.

With that I will say it is enough for one day. It is as always quite a joy for me to come in this close to touch you, to interact with you in this manner. You are dearly, dearly loved! And there is much to rejoice about! For you are moving forward with an increasing speed that is bringing a smile to the face of all those without faces (laughter) that watch what you are doing here on this planet. Carry on Beloved Ones! Carry on! You are doing a wonderful, wonderful job.

With that I will say once again, Cead Mille Failte Beloved Ones and Aloha! ~ ~ ~

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